Unique And Weird Japanese Fashion Trends

There is always a sensation in Japan including some unique Japanese fashion trends that will make you think. Their habits, the beauty of nature, and the development of technology can make us stunned and curious.

Weird Japanese Fashion Trends

Freedom of expression in Japan has proved that many things that are still taboo become common in Japan. One of the evidence of Japanese creativity can be seen from the fashion trends. The following are some weird Japanese fashion trends.


Lolita is one of the famous fashion trends in Japan that was originally inspired by Victorian-style outfits. This fashion trend uses cute clothing with skirts and funny accessories like ribbons and lace. Lolita is usually popular among women because the basic idea makes them look cute as a doll.

Japanese Fashion Trends


Cosplay comes from a combination of two words, costume and play. This trend is also quite popular around the world especially in certain events such as during the Japanese festival.

The idea is wearing clothes and dressing up like the figures from anime, games or manga. Therefore, cosplay becomes the famous trend all over the world.


Kigurumi is a style wearing a cute animal costume. The difference with cosplay, this trend only uses animal costumes and usually followed by darkening the facial skin. Although quite popular, this style does not last long.

Japanese Fashion Trends


The fashion trend called Decora by wearing stacked clothes, use more than one necklace, stacked bracelet or ring, and all the accessories you have at a time. Even though the concept is only wearing layered clothes and accessories, you also need to pay attention to the harmony of color.


Shironuri means to be white whose initial idea is based on the makeup of geisha and Kabuki in Japanese tradition. It is a trend where people make up their faces and necks very white. For clothes that wear are free and an important point of this trend is how to dress completely white face.

Japanese Fashion Trends


Ganguro is a trend where people dress up to get a black facial skin or dark brown skin. This trend is known for its dark brown facial makeup, golden brown hair, excessive nail decoration, dramatic makeup, and miniskirts.

It is inspired by the western style as a form of rebellion against Japan’s beauty standards that are portrayed as girls with pale white and black hair.

Visual Kei

Visual kei is a style that appears in the Japanese music scene. It is famous for crazy hairstyle and makeup but rather feminine and dramatic costume used to gain the attention of the fans.

Visual kei style is mostly followed by men. This style is not actually inspired by a special music genre but is mostly practiced by rock, metal, and punk musicians.


Freedom of expression in Japan has proved that many things that are still taboo become common in Japan. One of the evidence of their creativity can be seen from the Japanese fashion trends.

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