Weird and Unusual Markets Around The World

A market is a place for people to buy everything needed. In general, the market sells a variety of needs for daily life such as clothing, household appliances, food, to kitchen spices. However, there are several odd and unusual markets that are different from others in the world.

unusual markets

Weird and Unusual Markets

A market can be a reflection of a culture that adopted by the region itself. Even in some regions, there are unique and unusual markets that are unlike the most markets in general. Here are some unusual markets that exist in various parts of the world.

Gypsy Brides Market in Bulgaria

This bridal market is located on the outskirts of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. It is a place for buying and selling women which fall in mid-March. Do not get it wrong, this market is not a practice of prostitution because this is a custom that has been passed down from generation to generation.

In this market, the beautiful girls will gather while waiting for the men who will come to invite her to become a life partner. Every man is free to determine which girl will be chosen and invited to meet. The parents also believe that their daughter will be happy if they find a partner in this market.

unusual markets

Skun Spider Market in Cambodia

As the name implies, this market sells spiders for consumption as a snack. Some people may feel disgusted for tasting. But according to people who have tried it directly, it tastes savory and delicious like a mixture of chicken and fish. In this place, you can find thousands of types of spiders, ranging from small-sized to palm-sized tarantulas.

unusual markets

Voodoo Fetish Market in Togo

This market is the largest Voodoo market in the world. Some examples of Voodoo equipment sold include Voodoo dolls, skulls, horse hearts, elephants’ feet, and traditional herbs. The physician in Togo believes that herb in this market has proven effective in curing various diseases. This market is also often used as a “pharmacy” for people who do not have the assets to seek medical treatment.

unusual markets

Mercado de Sonora in Mexico

Mercado de Sonora is a traditional market established in the city of Avenida Fray Servando Teresa, Mexico. This market also sells items for mystical rituals. Voodoo dolls, demon statues, ritual candles, until mysterious herbs are available here. Many witches or shamans from all over the world come to shop here. The customers can even request unusual things, such as amulets to magic to attract mates.

unusual markets

Beriman Tomohon Market in Manado

Tomohon market is located in the Indonesian state precisely in Manado City. In this market, you can find lots of meat from various unusual animals such as bat meat, dogs, monkeys, snakes, and others. It sounds extreme, but Manado people do consume meat from these animals.

unusual markets


From these unusual markets around the world, most of them are thick with mystical nuances, occult, customs, and extreme food. So it is unusual and different from most markets in general.

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