Interesting Unusual Love Stories In Real Life

Now, many men do not fall in love with women but with inanimate objects such as balloons, cars, and other. There are some unusual love stories in the world that you should know. These men are not just obsessed but fall in love with a pair of lovers in love. They kiss each other, hug, share stories and so forth.

Interesting Unusual Love Stories

The following are some unusual love stories in real life that you should know.

Falling In Love with Animal Balloon Toys

This man name is Mark. He falls in love like crazy to big animal-shaped balloons. These balloons are children’s toys in the pool. To Mark, they are his true love. Because of his love, Mark has a lot of animal balloon at home and all of them is his girlfriend.

In the show My Strange Addiction that was broadcasted by TLC, Mark said that his first love was Lila. lila is the yellow animal balloon dragon form. At that time, his age was about 14 years old and Mark fell in love with Lila. Like other couples, Mark will kiss his animal balloon then telling it a story and even sleeping while hugging.

unusual love stories

Falling In Love with Car

For Nathaniel, his red Monte Carlo Chevrolet is more than just a car. Nathaniel fell in love with the car like a lover. This unique thing was broadcasted in My Strange Addiction event by TLC. Nathaniel will wash his car with love and intimacy. The car is like a couple to Nathaniel. He kisses her, hugs her, keeps it and even Nathaniel claimed to have had sex with the car. He feels okay even though many people think he is weird and crazy.

unusual love stories

Falling In Love with Balloons

Dave falls in love with usual balloons. Many people think that Dave is crazy because he has a romantic relationship with the balloon. Dave loves the colorful balloon so deeply. He will kiss the inflated balloon, hug it, and even put it into the clothes that he is being worn. For Dave, this relationship is very fun and romantic.

Married 2 Female Doll

This man is named Davecat (a pseudonym). Unlike the previous men who only date with objects, Davecat plans to marry with two female dolls and its size like a woman in general. The names of these beautiful dolls are Sidore Kuroneko and Elena Vostrikova.

For him, a normal woman would only betray him and end a love affair. However, along with two very beautiful dolls, Davecat will get a whole love forever without betrayal. Davecat already prepared a wedding ring for his dolls.


Many men do not fall in love with women but with inanimate objects such as balloons, cars, and other. There are some unusual love stories that exist in real life.

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