Interesting Hot Trends of Virtual Wife in Japan

Japan is one of the developed countries and its citizens are very productive. Although it has a positive impact, there is a negative impact of high Japanese productivity. One of them is that the men become lazy to find a mate and tend to marry a virtual wife. Evidently, there are many Japanese men who are married to a virtual wife.

Hot Trends of Virtual Wife

In Japan, the virtual wife is also known as “waifu”. So, do not be surprised if there are so many different virtual wives that you will find in Japan. Here are some super beautiful virtual wives who make Japanese men turn away from real women.

Virtual wife through a dating simulator

Dating simulators are a solution for Japanese men who want to feel romance. There are many dating simulator options to choose, including My Sweet Roomies. In this simulator, you will find a girlfriend and others.

Virtual Wife

Hologram wife from Gatebox

A Japanese technology company created a virtual wife named Gatebox. Gatebox has characters that you can talk to named Azuma Hikari. She will turn on the lights, greet you when you get home, and send a friendly text like a real girlfriend or wife.

Virtual Wife

Virtual wife from Nintendo

Virtual Wives can also be found in Nintendo characters titled Love Plus. In this game, there is a character named Nene Anegasaki who is very cute. In fact, there is a Japanese man who married Nene and wants many people to watch it. However, marriage is not legal in Japan.

Virtual Wife

Imaginary wife through virtual dolls

Virtual dolls are also a solution for lonely Japanese men. One of them is a man named Masayuki Ozaki. He released his love for a virtual doll made from silicon. Gradually, he believes that the object is true love in his life.

Unreal wife of Chatbot

Chatbot or robots that can answer automatic messages also become famous virtual girlfriends in Japan today. The application that provides it is named Faketalk. The chatbot can transform into artists, famous women, or even the popular idols they want.


That was an interesting hot trend in Japan. The high Japanese productivity makes men become lazy to find a real mate and tend to marry a virtual wife. Evidently, there are many Japanese men who are married to it.

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