7 Facts Of Gross Things Girls Do But Won’t Admit

Women are known to be neater than guys. Moreover, the nature of girls is to regulate household needs. Men also often ask for women’s opinions about furniture, clothes or color selection. Even though girls like to maintain cleanliness, there are 7 gross things girls do but won’t admit.

Gross Things Women DoGross Things Girls Do But Won’t Admit

Admit or not, you must have ever done one of these gross things. The following are 7 gross things girls do but won’t admit.

Never clean the makeup brush or powder sponge

All girls must have done this at least once. They do not change the powder sponge until it becomes black and looks very dirty. Most of you are lazy to wash it and always forget to buy a new one. So, you still use that dirty sponge.

Gross Things Women DoLazy to wash the hair

Women also have a tendency to be lazy to treat hair. Secretly, women will wash their hair, when the scalp feels really itchy and sticky. Whether you realize it or not, when scratching your head, you will find dandruff tucked between nails. This is certainly considered as a dirty thing for a woman to do.

wash the hairAllowing blood to flow out during menstruation

Some women have done this. When it comes time for menstruation, the woman will stand under the shower and let the blood come out. As if she was one of the survivors with bloodshed, after going through a war.

menstruationSqueeze pimples

Beyond all health factors, women cannot resist the temptation of this one thing. When some pimples appear on the face, especially pimples that have dried up, the women must have been eager to hold and squeeze the pimples. It is said to be a dirty habit because the hands are not necessarily sterile. It can cause more severe inflammation and acne.

pimplesToo much love for bras

Even though all of their drawers are full of bras, women only choose a few to wear that they consider being their favorite bras. However, the most disgusting thing that all women do is they usually wear favorite bras for more than two days in a row. Somehow, they do not think that their bras also need to be washed.

brasChoose to spray perfume because forgot to wash the clothes

When you want to wear a shirt, apparently, the shirt is behind the door and you have hung it for a week. You forgot to wash it but you want to wear it. Finally, many women choose to spray as much perfume as possible to keep it fragrant even though it has not been washed.

perfumeMake pads with a tissue because have not bought it

Admit or not, all women must have experienced this at least once in their lives. When women do not memorize the menstrual period, they have used a tissue because they have not bought the pads.


Do not be fooled by the appearance of women, who looks fashionable and beautiful. This is because they also do gross things girls do but won’t admit when alone. They do not admit it because feel embarrassed if they are known by men.

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