Funny Embarrassing Moments Live On TV

During live broadcasts, there are many things that happen accidentally and just recorded including the funny embarrassing moments. It also invited the laughter from the audience who see it but also makes the actors recorded on the broadcast instantly become embarrassed. When broadcast lives on TV, many funny embarrassing moments happen.

Funny Embarrassing Moments

Funny Embarrassing Moments

The following are some funny embarrassing moments live on TV.

Breasts are seen on the television

Danielle Atkin is guiding the Australian version show of The Price is Right. At that time, she wore a long gown that was slightly open in the chest. Danielle was seen holding her hands while walking in front of the camera in an event that she guided.

Behind her, there was a crowd of cheering people. Danielle did not realize that the front dress slightly dropped and made her breasts peek. The embarrassing event was not only seen by viewers at home but also by the audience in the studio.

A presenter is pelted with eggs and yogurt

This event was experienced by a television news announcer in Greece, Panagiotis Vourhas. This man was pelted with eggs and yogurt while interviewing a resource person on a live broadcast program on Friday.

This incident was carried out by a group of anti-Nazi protesters who made it into the studio. After investigating, it turned out that their protest actions were related to interviews conducted by Vourhas with a spokesman for the Golden Dawn Party who supported neo-Nazis.

Funny Embarrassing Moments

Point the gun when debating

A Jordanian parliamentarian was involved in a clash with a political activist during a debate. The incident was broadcast live by Jordanian TV stations. The politician named Mohammed Shawabka threw a shoe at the political activist. Worse, he also took out his gun when Shawabka was arguing with an activist named Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad on a number of issues including the issue of the crisis in Syria.

Slapped by Opponents

In a debate broadcast live on television, A Greek parliamentarian Kasidiaris has slapped a female politician and threw a glass of water at other female politicians. The female politicians were Rena Dourou from the Syriza Party who was his political rival. When the debate, Kasidiaris felt offended by Rena’s comments and suddenly attacked her.

The middle finger of Russian announcer

A news broadcaster, Limanova on Russia’s leading television station shocked viewers during a live broadcast. When reading the news about the APEC conference, the woman announcer brandished her middle finger when mentioning the name of US President Barack Obama. Limanova was immediately fired on the day of the incident.


When broadcasting live on TV, usually there are many obstacles. Even a presenter does not know the events around when delivering a news or conducting a show. Some of them are experiencing the funny embarrassing moments live on TV.

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