Interesting Characteristics of Fake News or Hoax

Hoax or fake news often dominate social media lately. In the terrorism act, for example, there is a lot of hoax news which makes people nervous. Therefore, we as a society must be good at sorting out the right information.

Fake News

Characteristics of Fake News

Not all information circulating in the media can be taken for granted. Distinguishing the fake and real news is not an easy thing. However, there are some interesting characteristics of hoax news you should know.

Sounds ridiculous to be true

Do not get stuck with clickbait. News titles are often designed specifically for us to click on them. Ignoring the clickbait does not only make a loss to companies that produce false news but also prevent this fake content from becoming viral. However, if we really have to read it, we recommend reading it critically. Do not immediately believe it, and do not forget to compare it with official news sources.

Be careful with political news content

Fake news is indeed framed to represent the interests of certain groups. Information on hoax news is also made with a psychological frame, which targets less critical people. Much research shows that humans pay more attention to and process information that is in line with their thinking. News from official media is usually neutral, while hoax news is indeed made to trigger conflict in various groups in society.

Fake News viral faster than facts

Viral is not always a good indicator of important things. According to recent reports, lies often spread faster and farther than the truth. Viral content that is shared repeatedly is often based on inaccurate things.

Instead of critical content, people often share hoax news articles for personal reasons. It is important to remember that none of the motives guarantee the truth of the news. Therefore, we must selectively and carefully share news links.

Source and context verification

The most striking characteristic of false news is the lack of resources. This fake news is able to survive in the community because we are constantly bombarded by this information. People often read it without suspicion or do not pay close attention.

When the source is available or made available, this article is usually processed with high techniques to manipulate the news. Many people live by spreading a hoax and get paid. They are trained enough to make people believe.

Do not believe the news circulating on social media

Social media is not a news site that is guaranteed the truth. Social media allows everyone, including certain groups and political campaigners to convey information that looks like the real thing. With so many fake news are circulating, any social media is not an accurate news source. So, try to find reliable and accurate news content from sites that can be trusted.


As we know, there is so many hoax or fake news that dominates social media lately. Therefore, we as a society must be good at sorting out the right information and be a critical person.

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