Weird Anti-Rape Tools to Prevent Sexual Assault

Women and children are the group with the most potential to become victims of sexual assault such as kidnapping to rape. Moreover, the level of rape in the world is increasing. To prevent that incident, there are some interesting strange anti-rape tools to prevent sexual assault.

Weird Anti-Rape Tools

Women must be the ones who are always disadvantaged. Even though many women are voicing their melancholy stories, it does not make the rapists deter. Well, maybe using the following anti-rape tools, you can deter rapists.

RapeX, Women Condom That Can Bite

Sonette Ehlers from South Africa took part in creating a sense of security among women. They made anti-rape condoms for women. Inside this condom, there is a microscopic metal tooth. The way to use it is easy just by inserting it into the vagina. If the user experiences a rape, the rapist’s penis will enter the latex bag containing the sharp teeth.

anti-rape tools

Femdefence, Armed Bandages

Anita Ingmarsdotter, a Swedish woman is concerned about high rates of rape crime. For this reason, she created the FemDefence tool that is used by putting it in a woman’s vagina. Inside this tool, there is a needle that can hurt the rapist’s penis.

Anti-rape Underwear

The high rates of rape in India have made three engineering students in India create anti-rape clothing. This underwear can issue an electric voltage of 3,800 KV and has a GPS that gives the location of the rape to the police.

Headmuns, Security Pants

These anti-harassment pants are made in Thailand, the aim is to make a man lose lust so the intention to harass is canceled. The shape is like ordinary underwear, it’s just the look when worn that makes it unique. Women wearing these pants will appear to have genitals like men.

Impenetrable Devices

Returning from India, Ira Sherman created this tool because of the high level of rape in her country. This tool is made of stainless steel, knives, electrodes, and needles. The front can cut and slice the male genitals.

Thick Haired Stockings

Maybe this is the most unique anti-rape tool. When wearing this stocking, you will look like you have thick legs like men. Of course, the rapist will stay away from those who have thick legs.


That was some anti-rape tools that can prevent you from the rapist. The sexual assault usually happens to women and children. Therefore to prevent that incident, these interesting strange tools can be your option.

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