4 Youngest Mothers That You Should Know

Being a mother is a gift for women in the world. However, there are many youngest mothers who are not even 10 years old. This includes rare cases because children’ reproduction has not mature yet. As reported by Mirror.co.uk, there are five youngest mothers in the world who are pregnant and give birth at a very young age.

youngest mothers

4 Youngest Mothers

The story about the case is diverse starting from touching story to a sad story. The following are the 4 youngest mothers that you should know.

Lina Medina

She is a 5-year-old little girl who born in Ticrapo, Peru. Her parents are Tiburelo medina and Victoria Losea. Medina was rushed to the hospital by her parents because of her belly enlarged. At first, the parents suspected that it was a tumor. Until the doctor found out that she was seven months pregnant.

Dr. Gerardo Lozada took her to Lima and met a specialist. Then Medina’s case was studied by the police because her pregnancy was suspicious at the age of 5 years. On May 14, 1939, Medina gave birth to a boy with a cesarean section because her pelvis was too small. Uniquely, from the results of the research stated that Medina regular menstruation since the age of 3 years.

At the age of five, she had a fully mature sexual organ. Police suspect that there has been sexual violence perpetrated by her father. Unfortunately, Medina never wanted to reveal who the father of her son. Because of lack of evidence, Medina’s father was later released.

youngest mother

Yelizaveta ‘Liza’ Gryshchenko

Yelizaveta Gryshcenko or familiarly called Liza was 5 years old when her 69-year-old grandfather raped her. On her sixth birthday, she gave birth to her baby by a cesarean section which at once endangered her life at that time. She gave birth in Kharkov, Ukraine with the help of forceps and retractors. The baby girl with a weight of 3 pounds and along the 52 cm finally died of amniotic fluid poisoning.

youngest mother

Leyla Mafi

According to information gathered by Amnesty International, Leyla Mafi has been sold by her mother since the age of 8. Leyla had mental retardation and her mother used her to make money. She was rumored that has been raped several males and had three children. The first baby when she was 9 years old.

The second baby when she was 14 years old and had twins. At the age of 19, Leyla faced the death penalty for moral offenses, debauchery, incest, and unauthorized motherhood. However, a lawyer named Shadi Sadr was very concerned about her case. Leyla then was sent to a rehab center instead of living in prison.


Zeina was an orphan who was later treated by her grandmother and aunt. Her grandmother rented a house from someone. Then, the house tenant’s uncle often noticed Zeina. His age was already 60 years old. However, he did immoral acts and rapes Zeina became pregnant.

Realizing that Zeina was not menstruating and her weight gain, her grandmother and aunt then interrogated her who was already pregnant. At 5 months of pregnancy. Zeina gave birth by cesarean section at the Grand Yoff hospital. She even refused to admit and suckle her child because of the trauma that she experienced.


There are many youngest mothers who are not even 10 years old. They are pregnant and give birth at a very young age. The story case about pregnant at a young age is diverse from touching story to a sad story.

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