Worst Cases Of Amusement Park Accidents

Amusement Park is one of the vacation sites in filling holiday time to have fun with friends or relatives. On the other hands, there are the worst amusement park accidents in history. This accident happens because one of the amusement parks is damage. Recently, in China where a flying saucer game was thrown off because the iron binder of the object was cut off.

Amusement Park Accidents

The amusement park accidents also happen in other countries. The following are the worst amusement park accidents you should know.

Superman Tower of Power in the United States

This accident happened on June 21, 2007. At that time, a 13-year-old girl with her friends fell off while playing Superman tower of power at Six Flags amusement park in the Kentucky Kingdom, USA. Previously, she and her friends decided to enjoy the tension sensation of the Superman Tower of Power. When the game started to run and just reached a height of 20 meters from the ground, they suddenly heard the sound of lashes.

They were shocks and then saw the wires that fell towards them. Not long, their bodies were twisted and this little girl was trapped. As a result, some parts of her bones were destroyed, leaving bruises, and wounds as the vehicle slid rapidly downward. Luckily, the girl could survive through her legs were broken and had to undergo bone grafting surgery.

Amusement Park Accidents

Thrown From Roller Coaster at Six Flags Texas

Roller Coaster has a sharp curve and high speed. In July 2013 an accident happened. This vehicle killed a woman. This woman fell off Roller Coaster and slammed. Unfortunately, her life could not be saved because of her head banged. Somehow, the cause was still unknown.

The amusement park spokesman said that the woman had died while boarding the roller coaster. While the other passengers said that something wrong with the seatbelt on the woman who fell. It should be clicked 2 times but the woman is only heard one click. This could be the reason why the woman fell off from the roller coaster.

Amusement Park Accident

Fujin Raijin II Game in Japan

The worst rollercoaster accident in Japanese history happened in 2007, at Expoland, a suburb of Osaka. This rollercoaster slipped out of the tracks, a student was killed and 19 others wounded. The cause of this accident was the train axle had not been replaced for 15 years.

Worse, the management of the amusement park kept reopening the amusement park after an accident. Moreover, the safety investigators found another train with a broken axle being left to operate. Expoland then immediately closed after the park manager’s reasoned that the visitors were reduced.

Amusement Park Accident

Space Journey in China

The journey into space required aircraft that had incredible speed and power. China once made a spacecraft simulator in an amusement park. One day, the aircraft was at a height of about 15 meters in a state of spinning rapidly.

Then fell to the ground causing six people dead and ten others injured. The accident was due to the loose cabin amplifier of the plane. So, when it spun rapidly in the air the cabin detached and caused other parts of the plane to come loose and make the plane crashed.

Amusement Park Accident


There are some worst amusement park accidents in history. This accident happens because of the amusement parks damage. Many people get injured or even died.

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