Weirdest Traditional Treatments In The World

Nowadays, everyone is more concerned with technology, especially in the problem of treatment. Even though, there are still many traditional treatments that are practiced. These traditional treatments are undoubted to cure a disease.

Weirdest Traditional Treatments

Here are some of the weirdest traditional treatments in the world you need to know.

South African AIDS Treatment by Making Love with the Virgin

A survey found that more than 1/3 of South African people believe in this unique ancient treatment. Having sex with a virgin girl is believed to be able to clean the germs in the body that causes AIDS. This myth appears in South Africa which is the country with the highest levels of sexual violence.

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Ancient English Treatment for Malaria by Spider Web

A few decades ago when a malaria outbreak was spreading rapidly in different parts of the world, various treatments are used to treat the disease. One of the most unique drugs of the time was a tablet made from spider webs. The evidence of the efficacy of this tablet has indeed faded a few centuries ago. Now, it has developed a similar drug made from spiders that are still alive.

Ancient Egyptian Treatment for Eye Infection by Blood Bats

The ancient Egyptians had experienced difficult times when the outbreak of blindness invaded the region. This happens because the sun is high enough and exacerbated by the desert storm. To cure this problem, doctors in ancient Egypt used bat blood. The blood is dripped on the eyes of their patients. They think that bats have a sharp view, so the blood is used on their patients.

Traditional Treatments

Chinese Stomach Pain by Monkey Bile

Monkey bile is a treatment that has long been used by Chinese people. This treatment is used as an anti-stomach ache, while the blood of the monkey is used for powerful medicine.

Traditional Treatments

Anti-Aging Treatment by Beer Bath

In the town of Chodova Plana, Czech Republic, there is a “beer health center”. It is the first and only one in the world. There, they offer treatment by means of a warm bath mixed with mineral water and also beer. This therapy is believed to prevent the aging, especially for women.

Traditional Treatments

Impotence Drugs from Peru by Frog Juice

It is often called Viagra from Peru and suitable for those people who have Impotence. Besides for impotence, this juice is also able to treat other diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. There is one ingredient that improves the efficacy of this juice, Maca which is a plant as a powerful medicine originated in South America.

Traditional Treatments


Nowadays, many traditional treatments are still practiced. These traditional ways are undoubted to cure a disease.

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