Weird Trend 2017 The Finger Movement In Twitter

Over the years, social media has given us some weird trends. The new challenge of finger movement like playing bowling with one hand is a weird trend from Japan. On Saturday, November 11th, 2017, Isaru twitter account @DogXyz showed a video of his hands that practice the style of playing bowling.

The Japanese indeed is famous for their creativity. The caricatures on Isaru’s palms and how his fingers move much like a real man playing bowling. Unexpectedly, many people turned out this weird trend to appreciate the video.

Weird Trend The Finger Movement

Most of the Japanese people are amazed by Isaru’s natural finger movements. It may sound simple but when you try to make two of your fingers have to run like a pair of legs, while one finger bowls as a hand, things become a little more complicated.

weird trend

To move a hand and the fingers like Isaru actually is not an easy to do. Therefore, not a few of the citizens are impressed with his hand movements. He got 234 thousand likes and 97 thousand retweets on his videos. In addition, many people try to practice the same thing that done by Isaru.

Isaru’s finger bowling movement had become a weird trend in Japan. Many people think this is a new challenge that needs to be tried. Other people admitted that move the fingers like Isaru is really not as easy as we think. On the other hand, many people do other versions of the finger movements.

Some people draw a facial caricature with the thumb, or the other people move their fingers like push-ups. According to SoraNews24, Isaru did that using his right hand very well which makes this even more of an impressive feat. The following is the video of finger movement like playing bowling.


The new challenge of finger movement like playing bowling with one hand is a weird trend from Japan. It may sound simple but when you try, it is really hard to do.

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