Weird Religions with Strange Religious Teaching

At present, there are around 4,200 religions that develop throughout the world. If observed more deeply, almost all religions in the world have their own symbols and history. This is as a means to explain the meaning of life or the origin of the universe. On the other hand, there are also some weird religions with strange and unique religious teaching.

Weird Religions In The World

Religion is a collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and views of organized life that connect humanity to the order of existence. Despite having different beliefs, almost all religions teach goodness. However, apparently, there are weird religions that have strange and unique teachings. The following are weird religions in the world.

Nation of Yahweh

This religion was founded in 1979 by Hulon Mithcell Jr. who then used the name Yahweh bin Yahweh. The main teaching of this religion is to bring the American black community. They believe that the American black community is the original rulers of Israel back to their origin in Israel.

The teaching also considers that Yahweh bin Yahweh as a child of God. In the development of teachings was heavily criticized for teaching racism and the superiority of black people. Strangely, even though Yahweh had vowed to stay alive in simplicity, from his adherents he managed to raise many funds.

He managed the money of around 250 million dollars. That amount of funds was collected from adherents spread across 1,300 cities in America and 16 other countries. Even though the leader passed away in 2007, this religion still exists until now.


Scientology is a new religious teaching that developed since 1952. It was founded by a science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986). Scientology views that the human spirit is eternal who always reincarnates when his physical body dies. In addition, this religion also teaches that humans are actually aliens that left earth millions of years ago, so they forget their true identity.

Another strange teaching is that this religion does not recognize the existence of God, but its followers are welcome to seek their own understanding of God. Despite having strange teachings, this religion quite has a lot of followers. Celebrities who follow this religion are such as Gloria Swanson, Dave Brubeck, Tom Cruise, and Katie Holmes to John Travolta.

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth is another weird religions that exist in the world. It is often abbreviated as TOPY. It was founded in 1981 by a group of worshipers of mysticism. Now, this religion has spread to various parts of the world. Until now, there are 23 locations that are used as places of worship of this religion throughout Europe.

The focus of this religious teaching is the psychological and magical aspects of the human brain that associated with elements of psychology, art, and music or other media. Every month on the 23rd day, at 11:00 p.m. all adherents of this religion are encouraged to make magical symbols as a worship ceremony called ‘chaos magic’. By carrying out the magic chaos rituals, they believe that their magical abilities increase.

Universe People

This religion is also called Cosmic People of Light Powers that is originated in the Czech Republic and was distributed by Ivo A. Benda. Apart from the criticism of psychiatrists who call their lectures as delusional fantasies, the teachings of Universe People are held by around 12,000 people.

This religion is similar to Scientology. This religion also believes that humans are the result of experiments by aliens where the alien planes have been orbiting the earth and watching over human civilization. If its followers have practiced good deeds while living in the world, then their spirits will be taken to another dimension with the spaceship.

Nuwaubian Nation

This religion began to be spread in 1967 in New York by Dwight York, a black American musician. Even though they have very strange teachings, this religion has quite a lot of followers. Among the followers are famous American rap artists, such as Jay-Z, Erykah Badu, and Lisa Lopes.

When other religions are consistent with their teachings, these religions instead change their teachings. Besides being inconsistent, this religion also teaches racism and considers white people to be slaves to black people. In 2002, Dwight York was arrested by the police and had to serve a prison sentence of 123 years for a pedophilia case with around 200 children.


From many religions that develop throughout the world, there are some weird religions like above that have strange and unique teaching. However, the weird religions still have many followers.

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