Various Weird Products You Can Buy Online

Nowadays, shopping can be easier by using online services. You can buy anything starting from food, fashion, many kinds of stuff to weird products online. For some people who do not have much free time, online shopping is often chosen. Before buying, you also can view and choose what you want.

Weird Products

Various Weird Products Online

The completeness of stuff that offered on the internet become a number of factors why many people are now interested in online shopping. Even so, there are some weird products that are sold online. The following are various weird products you can buy online.

Grow A Girlfriend

The first weird product is an item that can be bought by the singles or the men who are tired of their girlfriends. Grow A Girlfriend is a special adult toy that is claimed to grow a girlfriend by just dripping water. The dolls are provided in the product that will grow more than six times their original size.

Although it sounds absurd, this item is sold for $3.99 in Amazon online store. Moreover, the companies that produce the same product also sell the “Grow A Boyfriend” version for women who are singles.

Weird Products

Muscle Suit

Having a muscular body is a dream for some men. Unfortunately, to get a strong muscle body, of course, is not easily obtained in a short time. You can get six-packs body by sports such as going to gym center continuously that takes time.

Aware that many people want a muscular body in a fast time, there are sellers in online stores that sell the muscular suit. This costume is enough to make many people amused laughing. You can get a six-pack stomach without the need to achieve hard exercise. You just need to use this costume.

Weird Products

Mini Golf In the Toilet

Not a few people who currently bring a number of entertainment goods to fill the spare time in the toilet. They usually will choose to carry their phone or book, newspapers, and magazines while defecating in the toilet. However, one of the unusual items brought to the toilet is mini golf.

To distract your mind and practice your hand skills, that interesting idea produces a mini-golf game that can be played directly on the toilet. So, you can practice, play, and use time as effectively as possible by playing this thing while defecating.

Weird Products

Finger Hands

The other weird thing that sold online is finger hands. Finger puppets are usually made to entertain children by using characters. However, this finger puppet is different from the others. Many people who bought it wrote reviews that these hand-shaped finger puppets are used to entertain the people closest to them.

Weird Products

Gift of Nothing

The last strange product you can buy is a gift of nothing. This item is suitable for you who confused to give a gift to someone. The recipient of this gift is guaranteed to be distracted when receiving it because there is nothing in it. It is sold by Creative Gift Company. This unique item is claimed to be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Weird Products


Nowadays, shopping can be easier by using online services. You can buy anything including the weird products online. Online shopping is suitable for you who do not have much free time.

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