Weird Job As Professional Fart Smeller In China

Fart is a common and important thing that we do every day. Not many people know that there is a trend job as professional fart smeller in China. For us, the job is quite strange and gross because we have to smell someone farts and analyze it. However, in China, this job is very useful in the medical field.

They can detect the disease through the smell of fart. Some diseases can indeed be detected from the scent of the body or the smell of urine. Moreover, the experts from China also believe that the smell of fart can also be used to detect the disease. Therefore, there is a job vacancy in China for professional fart-smeller in this country.

In China, a career that is trending in the field of health and physical now focuses on the analysis of gas odor that is produced by the digestive system. By knowing sweet scent, savory, bitter, even fishy, this odor analysis is believed to be able to identify the disease and determine its location within the body.

Professional Fart Smeller

Professional Fart Smeller in China

Experts in the odor field confirm that a very bad smell indicates a bacterial infection in the stomach or intestine. The smell of fishy or the smell of meat can indicate that there is an infection of the digestive organs. It is even indicating the presence of bleeding or tumors in the lining of the intestine. If you find the smell of garlic in farts, it is an indicator that someone consumes it too much. This condition can ultimately lead to inflammation of the small or large intestine.

Experts in the odor field also claim to be able to know about a person’s health condition only by measuring the amount of gas released by the fart. Generally, the large number of farts indicates that the body consumes too much fiber and indicates an intestinal obstruction. Therefore, these experts are looking for people who are willing to smell farts and diagnose a patient’s health condition based on the smell.

The promised salary is quite tempting around the US $ 50,000 per year, as quoted from the Shanghai List, Monday. However, there some requirement that you should fill if you want to register as professional fart smeller. The professional fart smeller should be 18-45 years old and strictly prohibited from smoking and drink alcohol.

The applicants are also required to have no illness or any problem on their noses or other related diseases. If these conditions are fulfilled, the applicants will undergo a series of odor recognition tests and long training courses. After that, they will be certified as a professional fart smeller. They have to smell someone else’s fart every day.


There is a weird job as professional fart smeller in China. In China, this job is very useful in the medical field. They can detect the disease through the smell of fart.

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