Weird Japanese Trend Men Wear Nipple Plaster

There are many weird things in Japan include the weird Japanese trend. Recently, Japanese men wear nipple plaster there. In order to be with the girl who is assessed, many kinds of ways will do by them starting from changing appearance to wearing a plaster on nipples.

In Japan, not just the girls who want to look beautiful, but men also want to look their best. Well, about the appearance, Japanese men also did something to their look. They keep their looks by using plaster to cover the nipple.

Weird Japanese Trend Men Wear Nipple Plaster

Weird Japanese Trend

If this plaster is usually used during sports, now Japanese men wearing it when dating. Athletes usually wear nipple’s plaster during heavy sports like a marathon to prevent or minimize blister or irritation in the area. Not just girls who wear this plaster, but also male athletes.

It is quite different in Japan. They use it to attract the attention of the girls that they are dating. They do not want all the efforts that have been done like maximal appearance and sweet treatment to the girls should be smudged just because of the clear two dots in the chest. That is why they cover the nipples using plaster.

A survey in 2013 showed that 84 percent of Japanese girls felt disgusting when they saw a man’s nipples protrude from behind the clothes. Therefore, this nipple plaster is believed to be the solution to the protruding nipple from behind the shirt.

Nipple Plaster For Men

This weird Japanese trend is not only from the results of the survey but also comes from a pretty influential advertisement. Nipple plaster trend among Japanese men is justified by one companies that produce the product.

A Japanese retailer called Dot Store acknowledges a sharp increase in the sale of this nipple plaster. The increase is believed because nipples plaster ads that can affect the audience. In the advertisement, there are two situations when a boy and girl are dating.

The first condition is when the man invites his girl dinner and his nipple stands out even though he wears t-shirts. It makes the girl ill feels and finally leaves him. While in other circumstances, the man is not seen there is a prominent in the chest because wearing plaster and their relationship ends happily.

The use of nipple plaster now is not only for sports, but also some of the world celebrities also often using this plaster to cover their chests when using clothes that spit the chest.


Recently, the weird Japanese trend using nipple plaster by men becomes viral. They are wearing it to attract the attention of the girls that they are dating.

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