Viral Trend Veneers Process Among Celebrities

Nowadays, trend veneers process among celebrities become viral. Maybe some of you ever feel something strange when seeing the smiles of some artists who are appearing on television. Their smile is now more interesting because their teeth look whiter than usual. They use veneers process until the white color looks different from the white color of the original tooth.

Trend Veneers Process

Veneer technique is one of the dental treatments performed by attaching a layer of teeth made of porcelain to cover the front surface of the tooth. This procedure aims to help improve the color, shape, position of the teeth, as well as repairing the tooth.

Now, this trend veneers is no longer selected just because there is damage or problems in the teeth, but it was deliberately to make trend teeth whiter. In fact, some of those who underwent dental veneers process also made the two upper incisors are stretched down like rabbit teeth or bunny teeth.

Viral Trend Veneers Process

Process of Installing Dental Veneers

For you who want to try this trend, it is better to know first the pluses and minuses of using dental veneers. The process of installing dental veneers is divided into two, direct and indirect.

Direct veneer is a direct installation on arrival. After consultation, the patient’s outer tooth (enamel) layer will be slightly honed around 0.5 mm. This is done so that after the veneer is installed, the teeth are not too thick and protruding. Then, the veneers are installed immediately and formed according to what the patient wanted by using composite resin material.

On the other hand, Indirect veneer cannot be done in a single arrival. As with direct installation, when first coming for consultation, the doctor will scrape the enamel or the outer layer of the tooth. Then using materials such as putty, the doctor will print your teeth and send them to the laboratory to make porcelain veneers.

Meanwhile, the teeth that have been sharpened will be made temporary veneers while waiting for the porcelain finished veneer. For this process, it takes around 1-2 weeks.

Material and Cost

The material and installation process affect the price and durability of veneer used. Porcelain veneers are more expensive than the indirect or direct composite resin alternative.

For traditional veneers cost between $925 and $2,500 per tooth but can last 10 to 15 years. While for composite veneers cost approximately $250 to $1500 per tooth and may last between 5 and 7 years.

Pluses and Minuses Veneers Process

Its function is not only to beautify the appearance but also has several benefits, especially for dental health such as:

  • Returns the color of the teeth to white, especially for those who have yellow or dull teeth due to frequent drinking coffee and tea or because of cigarettes
  • Close the loose teeth, especially for those who do not want to wear braces
  • Repair damaged, broken or cracked teeth
  • Covering tooth erosion, especially for those who have experienced abrasion on the surface of the tooth

It is an artificial layer, so doing veneer techniques must also be prepared with some shortcomings that might be faced, such as:

  • Teeth may become more sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks
  • Dental veneers are not suitable for unhealthy teeth because the amount of enamel on the tooth surface is not sufficient
  • It is recommended not to consume foods and drinks that can cause dental stains such as coffee, tea or red wine
  • Teeth with veneer can still experience decay


Nowadays, trend veneers process among celebrities become viral to improve the color, shape, and position of the teeth. now, this technique is no longer selected just because there is damage or problems in the teeth, but it is deliberately to make trend teeth whiter. 

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