Various Weird Side Effects Of Medicines

There are some medicines with the weird side effects that exists. Medicines are one of the oldest inventions of humans which usually have side effects, starting from herbal ingredients in the form of capsules and pill like now. By using drugs, various diseases from mild to severe can be cured.

Weird Side Effects Of Medicines

Unfortunately, the development of modern medicine often has various side effects on the human body. These side effects also vary from the light, heavy, and some are odd. The following are some weird side effects medicines.

Pepto Bismol – Black Hairy Tongue Effect

Pepto Bismol is a common medicine that is traded freely in the market to overcome flatulence. Unfortunately, Pepto Bismol is not entirely safe. It has a horrible side effect. In some cases, Pepto Bismol makes the tongue of those who drink it become black and hairy. Not only that, the other effects of this medicine are the emergence of bad smell from the mouth and also changes the color of the stool to black but this effect will disappear by the time.

Weird Side Effects

Clomipramine – Erection When Yawning Effect

Clomipramine is one of the anti-depressant medicines that trade freely in the market. It is often used by people to overcome the problem of insomnia or sleep disorders. Although it is a medicine for a sleep problem, in practice Clomipramine actually gives the oddest side effect. In some cases, Clomipramine users have experienced an odd thing of the effect such as an erection or orgasm reaction when they are yawning. This situation is certainly not comfortable for those who experience it.

Weird Side Effects

Capecitabine – Fingerprint Disappearance Effect

In this modern era, fingerprints are the most accurate signatures of a human being because there are almost no similar fingerprints in the world. So, a fingerprint for someone is actually as important as an identity card. The risk of fingerprint disappearance must be faced by cancer patients.

This is because one of the anti-cancer medicines Capecitabine has this side effect that can make a person’s fingerprint disappear. Using Capecitabine for a long time was able to cause a syndrome called “Hand & Toe”. It is a condition where human fingerprints slowly fade and disappear.


There are some medicines with the weird side effect that exists. These weird side effects also vary from the light, heavy, and some are odd.

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