The Uniqueness Of Japanese Education System

Every country has different education systems including in Japan. The Japanese education system was reformed after World War II. From the old system, 6-5-3-3 then changed to a 6-3-3-4 system (6 years of elementary school, 3 years of junior high, and 3 years of high school and 4 years of university) with reference to the American system.

Japanese Education System

Japan has one of the best-educated people in the world. The following are the uniqueness of the Japanese education system that you need to know.

Japanese education system

No Test For The First Three Years

The reason why the students in Japan are not given a test until stepping in the fourth year is to teach the newly grown children about manners first. According to Japanese culture, teaching manners to young people is more important than doing a series of test exams.

The initial character of the children should be taught early for the smoothness of the learning process later. The practice of respecting others is also taught in the classroom. Students must learn how to treat their parents, teachers, and others.

No Janitor

Students in Japan must clean up their own classes. These habits are applied to build teamwork, share responsibilities, and develop sensitivity towards the surroundings.

Japanese education system

Standard Food Menu In Canteen

Beside allergies with heavy meals, students in Japan also are presented a standard menu for the food they consume. The students are taught to maintain healthiness by paying attention to the quality and the food portion. The menu provided was derived from fresh local ingredients and made by the trained chefs and health experts.

Taught Traditional Art

In Japan, students are taught traditional arts such as Shodo (Japanese caliber writing) and haiku (a kind of poetry-making style). Shodo requires students to write Kanji and Kana using a bamboo pen that applied in ink on the tip.

Students Wear Uniforms Up To College

In Japan, from junior high school to university is required to wear uniforms. There are several standards for uniforms include military style, black uniform for children, blouse sailor blouse, and skirt for girls.

There is an important point behind this uniform standard rule. Using the same uniform, the sense of belonging to each other will be greater. Not just having the same uniform, students in Japan are also limited in appearance ranging from backpacks, makeup, to hairstyles.


The Japanese education system is one of the best education systems in the world. Even many countries have followed their system in educating children.

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