Unique Typical Papuan Food In Indonesia

Visiting other areas is incomplete without tasting the typical food. Papua part of Indonesia is very famous for its culture and typical Papuan food. Tasting traditional food will be a new challenge because the local may have a different taste. Even many foods that look strange have a very tasty taste.

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Typical Papuan Food

Papuan food is very diverse. It will look strange for people who first saw it. But do not be afraid, the Papuan food can be eaten, sometimes for us, we just need to adjust the tongue first. Many types of these foods probably will not be consumed in another area. The following are some unique and typical Papuan food.

Lontar Cake

Usually, the palm tree Lontar is only taken the leaves and fruit only, in Papua it can be turned into a delicious cake. Lontar cake is one of the typical foods from Papua. At a glance, the shape is similar to chess tart or milk pie, Balinese food. Now, this cake seems to have increased by adding creations of dairy and sugar.

papua food

Sago Plate

Sago is one of the staple foods in Papua just like rice for many people in another area. Sago cake is indeed a typical snack by society there. It is usually eaten with tea or coffee in the afternoon. Be careful if you think this snack is soft, sago plate is quite hard and you can feel pain in the teeth when biting.

papua food


This food is very popular. It is much sought after tourists who visit here. Papeda is made from sago flour that is processed in such a way until it thickens and tastes savory. Although the look a bit strange but it tastes is good and healthy to be consumed every day. You can find this food in crowded places and in peddling street vendors.

Sate Caterpillar

Sate food, of course, has a tasty taste. In Papua, the ingredient of sate is quite extreme using caterpillar, not using meat. The caterpillar that used is not caterpillars with small size and hairy, but sago caterpillar. It is large almost 3 fingers of adults with a length of three fingers.

This unique food is very healthy and provides many health benefits. In Papua, sate caterpillar is believed to increase energy and low cholesterol. If you want to try it, sate sago caterpillar is very chewy so it can shake the tongue of anyone.

Bagea Cake

If you are looking for long-lasting souvenirs from Eastern Indonesia, just take a bagea cake. It is abon rolled with a variety of flavors on the inside. Bagea Cake not only has a savory taste but also sweet. The flavors are starting from the taste of chicken, strawberry, chocolate, and other stuffing. This food can last up to 3 days.


Papuan food is very diverse. However, the foods have a tasty taste. Typical food from Papua is such as Lontar Cake, Sago Plate, Papeda, Sate Caterpillar, and Bagea Cake.

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