Unique Face Masks That Viral In Social Media

Doing facial treatment is a common thing by men or women such as using a face mask. Actually, many unique face masks become viral in social media. The face treatments with face mask start from Sheet Mask to Cream Mask that you can buy in the market.

Unique Face Masks

The following are some kinds of unique face masks that viral in social media.

Bubble Face Mask

A face mask named Bubble Clay Mask makes the sensation of using a mask like using foam. How to use this mask is the same as other masks by applying cream or gel to the face. After a few minutes, the gel or cream will change like foam. The foam is used to rub the face to clean the dirt and also to maximize the mask work.

Unique Face Masks

Emoji Face Mask

Emoji now is not only can see in clothes, pillows, bags, and other fashion products but also in beauty products like a Face Mask. The beauty lovers become interested in this mask because the funny shapes and pictures that fit on the face. Some emoji looks funny in the face but some even make us look creepy.

Unique Face Masks

Gold Face Mask

Gold Face Mask is also a trend nowadays. Gold Face Mask can make the face look glowing and high end. One of the fun things about this Gold Face Mask is how to use it. Usually, a sheet or cream mask is applied but this Gold Face Mask is a piece of Gold Face Mask paper that must be transferred to the face.

Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

This mask is different with Gold Face Mask that takes a long time to apply on the face. Facial Dry Sheet Mask is actually very instant that is taped to the face. Unlike most masks that are usually wet or slightly damp, this mask feels very dry but has the same function to moisturize the face.

Black Peel-Off Face Mask

For Black Peel-Off Mask increases adrenaline to release it because it is very sticky. Black Peel-Off Mask is really powerful lifting blackheads and facial dirt because of the super mask attached to the face. Although super sore when removed it, this mask really is powerful to produce smooth facial skin, soft, and without blackhead.

Rubber Mask Firm Lover

This mask consists of four colors, yellow, gray, pink and blue. It is one of the unique face masks that photographs of many users and viral in social media. Actually, this mask is no different from the others masks but this mask managed to make its users looks so adorable and funny.

Unique Face Masks

Rubber Face Mask Peel

Rubber Face Mask Peel is originally a cream that is applied to the face. After about 20 minutes, the mask will dry and the textured like rubber. Because of that, this mask becomes attention of the beauty enthusiast. Rubber Face Mask Peel is working with the maximum in the face because it manages to make the skin moisturized maximum.

Animal Facial Mask

Asia is the center of the funny and cute face masks. One of them is Animal Facial Mask. With the same benefits of treating and moisturizing the skin, this one sheet mask is available with a variety of images and characters of animals on the face.

Foil Face Mask

This mask is interesting for selfie photos that become one of the reasons why this facial mask is so viral. In addition, the effect of foil face mask makes skin so soft and moist. This Foil Face Mask also looks exclusive as Gold Face Mask.

Magnetic Mask

This mask gimmick is the process of cleaning face mask. Usually, how to clean the mask is by washed with warm water, peeled or rubbed but this mask gives a different sensation to clean the mask is by using a magnet. So, the magnet that has been provided will pull the layer from the mask to clean.


Actually, many unique face masks become viral in social media. The face treatments using unique mask above has the same function as a usual mask.

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