Typical Turkish Desserts With Various Flavors

Dessert is a showcase of Turkish cuisine. Turkey has a very wide range of desserts ranging from pudding to phyllo dough, and even with meat. Various Turkish desserts come from cultural exchanges and historical relics of ancient civilizations.

Typical Turkish Desserts

We have prepared the best list of typical Turkish desserts. This traditional dessert is chosen for its popularity and flavor.

Irmik Helvasi

Irmik Helvasi is a dessert of various kinds such as pistachio and ice cream. These foods are generally prepared for religious parties or big days and in a grief event. These cakes are usually served for guests or shared with the neighbors.

turkish desserts


This food is known by many names in various countries. This sweet cake is made of semolina and soaked in syrup. This food is a favorite food of Turkish cuisine lovers. Besides syrup, orange flower water is often added. This food is also rich in a sprinkling of pistachio chopped on it.

turkish desserts

Ayva Tatlisi

Ayva Tatlısı is made from quince fruit which has a sour taste and rough texture. However, this Turkish dessert of Quince is so sweet and creamy which almost like eating candied fruit. The poured syrup makes this meal look beautiful on the plate. This dish is said as good food to entertain due to the taste and widely served in Turkish restaurants.

turkish desserts

Kabak Tatlisi

This is a dessert that made from pumpkin. It is made by cooking peeled and cut pumpkin that has had sugar sprinkled on it or candied pumpkin. This sweet dessert is better known as tatlısı Kabak. It is not only simple to prepare but also quite luxurious.

turkish desserts

Firin Sutlac

This dessert is rice pudding. In Turkey, people cook rice pudding with water, milk, rice, sugar, and rice flour. In the modern version, one adds vanilla flavor as well. Cinnamons or hazelnuts are the two main dressings on this food. Firin sutlac is also called also baked rice pudding.

turkish desserts


Basically, this food is a mixture of sugar, grains such as wheat, peanuts, and haricot nuts with dried fruits like figs, apricots, raisins, and nuts like hazelnuts and walnuts. This dessert is related to religious activities such as in the first month of the Islamic calendar, Muharram. It is a good deed to fasting in the first 10 days of Muharram and after that, Asure is made, presented, and shared with the neighbors and relatives.

Tavuk Gogsu

The dessert is basically sausage that made from the chicken breast. However, it does not taste like chicken at all. Tavuk Gogsu tastes more like a rice pudding, soft, and smooth but quite thick and chewy. Food which contains chicken meat is seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla and without traces of chicken flavor at all. White meat is added just to get an elastic texture in this food.

Turkish desserts


There are two types of kazandibi, regular Kazandibi, and Chicken Breast Kazandibi. Actually, kazandibi is similar to Tavuk gogsu pudding. The difference is at the bottom of the pot in the manufacture is sprinkled with powdered sugar. The caramel of the sugar that melts on the bottom of the pot is making this pudding a brownish and thick color.

Turkish desserts


Kunefe is made from unsalted fresh melted cheese or called Hatay that only found in this region. Then the cheese is coated with sugar syrup, soaked in phyllo shreds called Kadayıf. Then, it is fried to a crisp. Its appeal is the contrasting texture of the crisp outside and with the melty inside. This food is usually sprinkled with pistachio, Kaymak (whipped cream), or ice cream.

Turkish desserts


Baklava is Turkey’s most famous dessert. It is the chopped peanuts which are coated with phyllo and butter. Then it is baked and sweetened with syrup or honey. However, it is not easy to make this dessert.

Turkish desserts


Turkey has a very wide range of desserts ranging from pudding to phyllo dough, and even with meat. The Turkish desserts come from cultural exchanges.

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