Typical Australian Food That You Should Try

Australia has wonderful food creations. If you are traveling around Australia and hanging around with some locals, you will come across some typical Australian food. When you are here, you really should try some of the foods. ANZAC biscuits and the Pavlova are both iconic Australian national foods. The meat pie is a well-known party food and often consumed by tradition on AFL Grand Final Day.

Typical Australian Food

The following are the typical Australian food that you should try.


Pavlova is made from raw materials such as corn flour, vinegar, and vanilla. This combination gives a brittle texture outside and soft inside like marshmallows. Because of its sweet taste, Pavlova is suitable for served with topping fruits. The fruit usually has taste sour, like a variety of berries, oranges, mangoes, or kiwi. Before sprinkled with fruit topping, Pavlova is coated with cream whether with whip cream, cream cheese, strawberry jam or blueberry jam and even yogurt.

Typical Australian Food

Chiko Roll

Chiko Roll is an Australian food that inspired by Chinese spring rolls. Fried snacks made with beef, celery, cabbage, barley, carrots, onions, green beans, and spices. All of the ingredient then are rolled into one. Chiko Roll is generally served at local fish n chip shops or snack vendors around the train station.

Typical Australian Food


Vegemite likes blackish jam. It made from yeast, salt, and minerals. It has a typical taste which is a mix of salty and bitter that make vegemite favored by Australian. The presentation is usually by applying a little on toast or biscuit with a little butter. Sometimes, it is also used as a flavor enhancer in soups.

Meat Pie

Going to Australis, Meat Pie is one menu you should not miss. If the pie generally contains fruit, then this typical Australian pie contains meat, tomato, and onion sauce. Some people also add cheese or bacon. There are some places you must visit to try the meat pie in Australia such as Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, Cowper Wharf Road, and Woolloomooloo.

Typical Australian Food


Lamington is also known as the Australian national cake. This cake is made from a sponge cake. It is coated with chocolate and sprinkled with dried grated coconut. Sometimes this cake is also served with whipped cream or jam. Lamington is usually served at tea time in the afternoon. This cake is also often served during special charity events in Australia.

Typical Australian Food

Kangaroo Steak

Kangaroos are typical Australian animals that are commonly consumed in this country. Kangaroo meat is usually served as a steak that is baked half cooked and sprinkled with sweet sauce, salad, and fries. The texture is very soft when eaten it even the kangaroo meat is softer than beef.


The damper is traditional Australian soda bread. It is made from wheat flour and sugar. It is cooked using charcoal in a campfire. Uniquely, dampers are cooked by burying bread dough in charcoal ash from a campfire for 30-40 minutes.

Although it is cooked in a buried way, the Damper will not be dirty by burning ashes because the bread dough will harden on the outside. After cooking, Damper can be cleaned first and eaten with additional syrup or sauce according to taste.

Typical Australian Food

Deep Mozzarella

Deep fried mozzarella is a snack in Australia. It is made from mozzarella cheese and wrapped with flour then fried and served with a special sauce and salad choice. Deep mozzarella is easy to find because it is almost in every Australian snack food.

Potato Cakes

As the name implies, potato cakes are potato-based foods. In Australia and England, fried potato cakes are usually sold in fish and chip stores. These foods also vary in each section for example in New South Wales and Queensland. They commonly call it by the name of potato scallops. In contrast, in South Australia and Western Australia call it by the name of potato fritter.

Typical Australian Food

Australian Hamburgers

Australian hamburgers are a little different from the hamburgers commonly eaten by Americans or Europeans. Australian hamburgers consist of aqueous fried eggs, kangaroo meat, cheese, beets, pineapple, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and soy sauce or tomato sauce.

Typical Australian Food


Australia has wonderful food creations. Most of the typical Australian food has a delicious taste. If you are traveling around Australia, do not forget to try the typical Australian food.

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