5 Most Terrible Incidents Due To Kissing

Kiss is an expression of affection which commonly done by humans. On the other hand, the kiss that symbolizes affection had become a disaster and a horrifying event for some people. It sounds quite strange imagining the bad incidents due to kissing.

Incidents Due To Kissing

Well, there are some horrific events that occur due to a kiss. The following are 5 bad incidents due to kissing.

Tongue Strap Broke

In 2011, the 19 years old Chinese girl suffered a terrible thing when he was kissed by her boyfriend. Due to the hard kiss of her boyfriend, it made her tongue strap broke. The girl had to be taken to the hospital with a bloody mouth. Okay, that was really odd right.

Incidents Due To Kissing

A Baby Died

A father must be want to kiss his newborn baby to show his love, but what would happen if the kiss even became death for his son? This incident occurred to a baby boy named Kaiden McCormick. The baby boy was born prematurely and died because being kissed by his own father.

Kaiden McCormick died of an infected cold afternoon virus which is transmitted by his father through a kiss. As the result, the virus that entered the baby’s body had made the baby boy experiencing an organ failure and made him die.

Incidents Due To Kissing

Kissing ends up in the hospital due to peanut allergy

14 years old Laura Kukic suffered a bad thing after she kissed her boyfriend who finished breakfast. The boyfriend eventually had breakfast with peanut sauce. Laura turned out to have allergies peanuts. Due to the kiss, Laura Kukic was experiencing a very terrible allergy. Her face began to swell and had difficulty in breathing. Finally, she was taken to the hospital for help.

Incidents Due To Kissing

Oral cancer due to have a hobby of oral sex and french kiss

For those of you who like oral sex, it is good to be careful and always pay attention to cleanliness. Well as experienced by Victoria Workman, she suffered from dangerous oral cancer. This is due to when doing the oral and french kiss, she does not pay attention to cleanliness.

Incidents Due To Kissing

Deaf because of kissing

The last horrifying incidents due to kissing is experienced by a Chinese woman. The Chinese woman is reported to be deaf in her left ear after kissing her boyfriend. A brutal kiss is suspected to make a rupture of her left eardrum.


Kiss is an expression of affection which commonly done by humans. On the other hand, besides symbolizes affection, there are some bad incidents due to kissing.

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