10 Technology Trends In 2017 You Should Know

Gartner, an information technology research company has revealed the latest technology trends in 2017. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advance Machine Learning is the top sequence. As we know, the giant technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon are competing to develop artificial intelligence based algorithms. The most recent example is a Google Pixel phone with Google Assistant.

Technology Trends In 2017

The following are the technology trends in 2017 that you should know.

AI and Advanced Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an advanced branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It includes more sophisticated systems such as being able to understand, learn, predict, adapt, and potentially operate independently. Machine learning is predicted to change future behavior which leads to the creation of devices and programs more intelligent.

Gartner predicts AI and Machine Learning will be more widely used in robots, self-contained vehicles, consumer electronics, virtual personal assistants, and smart advisors.

Technology Trends In 2017

Intelligent Apps

An example of Intelligent Apps is a virtual assistant. It will make our lives easier. Even, Gartner estimates that future assistants have the potential to change the state of the office with the ability to help with daily tasks. Within the next 10 years, every application and service will use several types of AI.

Technology Trends In 2017

Intelligent Things

Intelligent Things will generally be applied to devices like drones, standalone vehicles, and smart appliances. Like Intelligent Apps, Intelligent Things also relies on AI and Advanced Machine Learning. Various intelligent devices and equipment will continue to emerge and increasingly popular.

Technology Trends In 2017

VR and AR

Today, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technology have not been maximized. Gartner estimates that both technologies will continue to grow and peak in 2021.

Augmented Reality


The blockchain is a public ledger that can be accessed by the public. Blockchain shows all the transaction data that ever happened inside the Bitcoin network. In the future, Blockchain will combine a variety of processes including middleware, database, security, AI, monetary management, and identity.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin refers to software that is more dynamic in both the physical and the system. Digital Twin will use the data that is provided by the sensor to understand the situation, respond to changes, improve operations, and add value.

They will be used for service planning and repair equipment for plant operations, and improve efficiency. They will replace a combination of skilled human resources and the traditional monitoring tools.

Technology Trends In 2017

Conversational System

In the future, Chatbot will be increasingly adopted. The chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate an interactive conversation or communication to the user through text, sound, and visual form.

Technology Trends In 2017

Mesh App and Service Architecture

The application team should create a new, modern architecture to deliver agile, flexible, and dynamic application performance for a better user experience. In this case, the Mesh App and Service Architecture exist to balance the demand and stability of the service.

Digital Technology Platforms

Digital Technology Platforms is like a building foundation in the digital business. Each organization must have five main focuses namely information systems, customer experience, analytics and intelligence, IoT, and business ecosystems.

Companies need to identify how industry platforms will evolve and plan ways to grow their platforms to meet the challenges of digital business.

Adaptive Security Architecture

The development of IoT and other intelligent technologies must be balanced with new security systems. The security in the IoT environment is a big challenge. The security team must create solutions because all things will relate to each other.


There are various latest technology trends in 2017. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advance Machine Learning is the top sequence. the technology still continues to be maximized until now.

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