Stupid and Weird Trends That Become Viral

A trend is something that many people will try to do ranging from fashion trend, beauty, lifestyle, and even weird trends. These following weird trends could have drawn criticism and even flattery in cyberspace.

Stupid and Weird Trends

Some of the trends are performed by teenagers as a symbol of masculinity and courage. However, these trends are considered as the ridiculous trends. The following are some stupid and weird trends that become viral.

Bra for Men

The bra should be worn by women. But now, there is an invention bra for men. This strange trend seems to have viral among men in Japan. Evidently, Rakuten, a popular online retailer in Japan has openly marketed a bra for men. This product is made by Wish Room Mens and marketed by Rakuten.

Stupid and Weird Trends

Spraying Deodorant Aerosols onto Feet

These teenagers deliberately sprayed deodorant aerosols onto their feet to leave scars. They even filmed themselves while doing the stupid act to see who can last the longest.

Some teens from around the world seem to have participated in this challenge. In some videos from YouTube or other social media, you can see how they spray aerosols into the legs until the skin blister. In the worst case, this strange trend can cause permanent damage to the skin.

Tittooing or Tattooing Nipples

This tattoo trend is done on the nipple. This trend was initially done by women in Liverpool. They crave a rather dark colored nipple with a perfect shape.

This procedure is actually intended for women who suffer from breast cancer whose breast tissue has been removed. As reported by the Daily Mail, tittooing can last for 12-18 months and takes about two hours and spends 1,200 pound sterling for both nipples.

Wear Panties On The Face

The Japanese teenagers are fond of a strange trend by wearing panties or underwear on the face. This is apparently pioneered by the release of the movie trailer titled “Hentai Kamen” or in English Masked Pervert.

Hentai Kamen is lifted from a manga parody with a unique superhero by wearing underwear on the face. Along with the release of HK’s parody movie trailer, a book entitled Kaopan was published. Kao in Japanese means face, and pantsu means panties. So the teenagers in Japan try to follow this strange trend and becomes viral.


These weird trends are performed by teenagers usually as a symbol of masculinity and courage. However, these viral trends are also considered as the ridiculous trends.

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