Strange And Weird Food Around The World

Each region has their special food including the weird food. This difference often makes the dish unusual and weird for those from different regions. Thanks to restaurants and other eating places, some weird food that initially unusual have been widely known and liked.

Weird Food

Weird Food

Some people may still consider the weird food is disgusting, but others consider it really delicious and ordinary. From many various unusual culinary, there are some foods that are truly unusual for most people around the world. The following are some strange food list.

Hormigas Culonas

This dish is very crunchy and looks like the fried peanut. Hormigas Culonas are truly considered delicious in Colombia and sold on the streets or in certain shops. This food comes from ants, the really large ants that are baked.

The food is the pride of local people, especially in Santander, Colombia. Hormigas Culonas are quite nutritious because contain lots of protein and low in fat. If you dare to try it, you must be prepared to pay quite expensive for this one dish.

Weird Food

Swallow Nest Soup

This food is one of the most expensive dishes in the world. Swallow nest soup is really made of bird’s nest. You can find this expensive and strange dish in several Chinese restaurants. Swallow nests are made from hardened male swallow saliva. If you only want to buy the nest, the price is around 2,000-3,000 dollars per kilo.

Weird Food

Casu Marzu

This food is very common in some areas in Italy and the pride of Sardinia. Casu Marzu the is a cheese that derived from sheep’s milk which has undergone fermentation. What makes this dish so different and unusual is the fact that the fermented cheese is deliberately used as a place to live flies and live maggots. It is cheese with flies that lay eggs in it.

Weird Food


Tepa is basically a fish head fermentation that stores a wealth of traditional Alaskan culinary. The motto of the Alaskans seems like “Do not let any part of the fish be wasted “, until the birth of Tepa. This weird food generally comes from the head of the salmon.

It is put into a bag or barrel and buried in a hole or soil and then allowed to undergo fermentation for several weeks. This food might give you an unusual aroma as a result of decay.

Weird Food


This unique dish is very popular in parts of Sweden. It has become a staple of traditional northern Swedish cuisine since at least the 16th century. Surströmming is Swedish for acid herring that originating from the Baltic Sea. It consists of fermented fish.

After being caught, the fish is fermented for about two-six months before being canned. After being canned, the fermentation still continues. A strong smell and a rather sour taste are characteristic of this food. For most people, the smell of Surströmming is at terrible. Some major airlines even forbid these foods from being on their planes.

Weird Food


Balut is an embryo of duck eggs that boiled and eaten directly from the eggshell. Balut is very popular in several Southeast Asian countries such as Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. If you want to try Balut, the thing you should prepare is mental because it looks gross.

Weird Food


Each region has their special food including the strange food like above. Although disgusting, some people may still consider the weird food is really delicious and ordinary.

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