New Strange Trend The Nutella Hair Dye

A salon in the United Arab Emirates tries to make a new strange trend. They are using chocolate jam Nutella hair dye and sweetened condensed milk for hair color ideas. Actually, there are many ways to dye hair from different types such as chemical paints and natural hair dyes.

The natural ingredients used to dye hair usually come from plants and herbs. Now, the natural ingredients are not only just from plants but also from food. They are trying Nutella hair dye to the customer to see what if the hair is painted naturally.

Nutella Hair Dye Trend

Chocolate jam that is made from cocoa produces a genuine brown color on the hair. However, for its own durability cannot be measured yet. To dye hair using chocolate jam is the same way as using hair dye in general.

Nutella Hair Dye

A colorist from Abed & Samer’s salon in the United Arab Emirates is the first who is using Nutella for hair coloring. In his Instagram account, Abedallahitanim uploaded the hair coloring process using the brown peanut butter Nutella. In the video, the colorist colored a woman’s blonde hair.

The colorist not only uses Nutella but also uses sweet white condensed milk. After being cleansed and through various treatments, the woman’s hair was smeared with chocolate jam in some parts. After that, sweet white condensed milk is poured onto the chocolate jam hair. Then, the hair was flattened.

From blonde hair, the addition of Nutella and sweetened condensed milk gives a color like a soft chocolate milkshake. The color of the woman’s hair looks like a light pea color. In other videos, there is even a coloring technique using Nutella combined with whipped cream. 


There are many strange trends in the world including Nutella hair dye. A salon in the United Arab Emirates tries to make this new strange trend using Nutella and sweetened condensed milk for hair color ideas.

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