Strange Hobby of Hunting Ants Viral In Singapore

Every person has a different hobby. When asked about their hobby, most of them will mention usual hobbies like reading, listening to music, playing online games, culinary tours, to sports. However, there is a strange hobby of hunting ants that done by people in Singapore and even become a trend there in 2017.

If you go to Singapore, do not be surprised if you see a bunch of people carrying small flashlights and tubes. They seem busy looking for something. They are not hunting for treasure or precious stones, but Singaporeans are looking for ants. This strange hobby then becomes a trend there and many people start collecting and hunting ants.

Strange Hobby of Hunting Ants

Beginning of Strange Hobby Hunting Ants

The beginning of this hobby that is viral among young Singaporeans is arguably unique. Reuters reports that this trend originates from a Facebook group called Ants Singapore that formed by Crish Chan. Unexpectedly, it turns out that many Singaporeans are also interested in studying and collecting various types of ants like Chan.

The group itself was only formed in December 2016. Within a period of less than a year, the number of followers of this community has risen quite a lot. Chan is not random from the group. He sees the fact that Singapore is home to about 40 different ants species. The ants are scattered in various locations throughout Singapore.

Finding all these species is definitely an exciting challenge and very difficult because needs lots of time. With a concept that is more or less similar to Pokémon-GO, the main activity of this community is to go to the streets directly and catch the ants. They hunt the ants in a group and using tubes. They do not even hesitate to visit dark places with flashlights on their cellphones.

The Aim of Hunting Ants

So far, ants are only seen as pests for Singaporeans. With the Ants Singapore community, ants are seen as part of nature which cannot be destroyed. Their main activity is not only catching the ant but also breeding ants.

So, the ant population is maintained and not extinct. This strange hobby also often brings money to them. The ants that are captured and bred can be sold to get money.


Strange hobby is hard to understand sometimes. Like in Singapore, there is a new trend to collect and hunt ants. The aim is to maintain its population. In addition, the people who do it can get money from their hobby.

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