Smudged Lipstick The Weirdest Beauty Trend

The new trend that comes from the makeup industry is Smudged Lipstick or Snogging Lipstick. This lipstick application trend seems messy and unlimited. This trend is trying to break the general habits in applying lipstick.

The usual lipstick is applied neatly and carefully to look beautiful and sweet according to the line of the lips. On the other hand, smudged lipstick precisely displays the impression of a mess. It is going to make you still look beautiful and more stylish when applied properly.

Smudged Lipstick

Trend Smudged Lipstick

This trend starts with a makeup artist named Val Garland for Preen’s Fall 2017 event. In fact, the trend of Smudged Lipstick is not much different from the application of the lipstick in general. What distinguishes is the presence of stains on the lip line that makes you look more stylish.

To get a messy effect, first, apply the color of lipstick as usual around the lips. It is important to let the basic lipstick color itself is not messy. After that, create a new smudge effect by patting the lipstick around your lips to the outline of the lip area. This technique will make your lipstick color a bit messy and imprint on the lips.

Smudged Lipstick

You also can use the brush. In order to display the fresh effects, use a lip gloss at the end of the lipstick application. At first, it would probably look messy and not artistic. But over the time, you will find good shapes and spots to draw lipstick colors to your face.

The smudged lipstick also should be supported by the eye makeup. If our eye makeup is light and sweet it will give the impression spoiled. If the makeup is heavy then it will give the impression of sharp. The following is the sample of video tutorial smudged or snogging lipstick.


The Smudged Lipstick or Snogging Lipstick trend seems messy and unlimited. This trend is indeed trying to break the general habits in applying lipstick that usually neat.

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