Best Peru Traditional Food You Should Know

The cultural diversity makes Peruvian cuisine special. This country also has long been known for Peru traditional food that combines many cultures around the world. Since the pre-Colombian times, Peruvian cuisine is rich in herbs and spices that come from all over the world. Modern Peruvian food is more inspired by Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish cuisine.

Peru Traditional Food

Best Peru Traditional Food

Several restaurants in the state capital of Peru, Lima serve delicious classy food with rich flavors at affordable prices. Besides France, Peru is also known as one of the world’s culinary centers. The following are some Peru traditional food that you should know.


Ceviche is the best raw seafood and the most popular dish. It is a flavored raw fish or seafood that are usually arranged with herbs leaves and served with vegetables and potatoes. There are several kinds of ceviche food including Latin America.

The Peruvian food is made with white fish such as tilapia or sea bass fish. The fish is mixed with Andean chili (aji limo), onion, and lime juices together as a light spicy fresh food.

Peru Traditional Food


This food is the roasted corn that served as an appetizer before or while eating in a restaurant. Cancha can also be served with several different dishes such as ceviche. This meal is considered a genuine experience of Peruvian food because corn is a central point of Peru traditional food.

Cancha is actually quite easy to make. Moreover, it can be a snack with cheese whenever you want). Traditionally, the fat or pork oil is heated in clay pots and yellow corn is added with salt. You can also heat vegetable oil and salt in a pan with the lid. Then add the corn to get a modern version of Cancha.

Peru Traditional Food

Papa a la Huancaina

This food is the main course of Andean. It is a boiled yellow potato and served with a lettuce base and a soft spicy cheese sauce. Potatoes are the staple choice in Peruvian food. Papa a la Huancaina is easy to make and inexpensive.

Papa a la Huancaina is usually served as appetizers that can be found n almost all of Peru’s restaurants in the country and in other countries. The Aji Amarillo (local chili) is used for making the sauces. This food especially is made in n Huancayo, a town that located in Mantaro River Valle.

Peru Traditional Food


Causa is the yellow potatoes that are mashed and flavored with lime and pepper. Then the batter is filled with chicken, tuna or other seafood like shrimp. Smooth yellow potatoes are the key ingredients. It is a potato cake that can be served as appetizers or snacks. This food is also quite easy to make.

Peru Traditional Food

Arroz Chaufa

This traditional food is Peruvian fried rice. It is a modification of Chinese food with vegetables, eggs, and meat that cooked together with soy sauce. As we know, Peru has many cultures that brought from the food of different countries when various populations invade or immigrate to Peru.

Among the immigrant are Chinese. Chinese cuisine then becomes a large part of Peruvian food such as represented by Arroz chaufa. In Lima, There are many Peruvian and Chinese-style restaurants and commonly known as chifas.

Lomo Saltado

This food is one of the best tenderloin beef you will ever taste. A piece of beef tenderloin is sauteed with onions, tomatoes and chili, and other spices and then mixed with fries. The dish is served with white rice that also has a stunning flavor with the gravy. This sauteed food is also modified from Chinese food that fried with a lot of oil.


It is one of Peruvian street food from marinated beef overnight with an assortment of Peruvian spices and made like barbeque. Anticuchos can be served as a main meal and usually served with cold boiled potatoes. Anticuchos originally made from the meat of llama in the Colombian era. This food was modernly adapted during the 16th-century colonial era when Spain came.


The last of Peru traditional food is Cuy. It is a Guinea fried pigs and the traditional food from the Andean highlands. The Cuy tastes like rabbit meat. Guinea pigs may be still armed in Peruvian Andean huts and become the important foodstuffs as well as protein sources.


Peru traditional food is rich in herbs and spices that come from all over the world. Peruvian food such as Ceviche, Cancha, Papa a la Huancaina, Causa, Arroz Chaufa, Lomo Saltado, Anticuchos, and Cuy.

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