Old Fashion That Becomes Trend in 2018

Fashion trend always changes every year. Recently, old fashion becomes the trend again in 2018. Old clothes that are often not used make us think to donate or even throw it away. However, before getting rid of the old clothes, you need to know that there are some old trends that return to trend in 2018.

Old Fashion Becomes Trend in 2018

You can use again the old clothes and still fashionable. The following are old fashion that becomes the trend in 2018.

Polka dot

Some retailers are seen starting to offer polka-dot motifs with different colors, pieces, and styles. Therefore, the classic design back into the passion of the fashion lovers.

This indicates that the old trend can become a trend again. You can pair polka dot clothes with other motifs such as strips or floral to give a riveting look.

Old Fashion

Ripped Denim or Jeans

If you have a denim jacket that has been unbuttoned or jeans that have been torn, do not throw them away. Ripped denim has its own fashion value in 2018. The details such as rips, patches, lace on the denim actually give the impression of life and character.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels or shoes with thin and small heels are found in many winter styles until spring 2018. Besides the comfortable height of its heels, kitten heels give more touch to our feet. Although this fashion is adopted from the style of the 80s, it becomes a trend again this year.

Vintage Accessories

Fashion trends will highlight again the fashion of the 80s. This can be seen from the types of clothes on display in various fashion mats. If you have an oversize suit or vintage accessories just keep it. You can also wear them for everyday activities. For a more assertive impression, avoid wearing the fine-looking accessories.

Lavender Color

If you pay attention to fashion trends, the lavender color becomes one that will be great in spring 2018. The pastel colors will be found on various types of fashion items starting from a sweater, jacket, bag, up to sandals. So, do not be surprised if from now, many people start looking for lavender colors. The violet color also was named as the color of this year.

Accessories and Plastic Fashion Trend

This fashion trend is also called as PVC trend. One of them popularized Bella Hadid with his high heels or Kaia Gerber with his boot showing that the PVC trend could be back in 2018. If you are confused about how to wear this kind of fashion, you can look for references on the internet.


Recently, old fashion becomes the trend again in 2018. So, you can use again the old clothes and still looks fashionable.

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