Man With The Biggest Breast In The World

The man with the biggest breast in the world is from China. Doctors in China claim to have found the biggest breast man in the world after a farmer check to a chest specialist in Beijing. Doctor Zhang Lilan from Jinan Chest Hospital says the man named Guo Feng.

He is actually no different from the other men. “The difference is the breasts that are very big,” said doctor Zhang. Guo Feng admits that he is very uncomfortable with his condition especially when working. Not only that, his unusual physical appearance always attracts people’s attention.

Man With The Biggest Breast

Everyone who saw Guo Feng would turn around and laugh at him because of the unusual appearance. Because of that, Guo Feng has to wear a thick jacket to cover his chest even though it is the hot day. According to Guo Feng, his chest began to grow about 10 years ago.

biggest breast

“At first, I do not really care because I am getting fat. But in the past few years, the situation has become more uncontrollable. I have checked into several hospitals but nobody can help,” said Guo Feng. The 53 years old man has claimed to have been spent much money to cure his odd condition.

Guo Feng adds that he has spent all of his money on checks and many tests. However, there is no solution at all instead his breast grow even worse. “If nobody can help me, I will cut two breasts. Therefore, I ask the doctor to do something immediately before I reckless, ” said the Guo Feng.

The doctors who are now handling the case have not been willing to act before they find the root of the problem. Doctor Zhang says that for 30 years as a specialist at this hospital, he has never found such this case. At first, the doctors thought he has eaten poison or contaminated food, but the blood test shows nothing.

Genetically Guo Feng is also normal and based on the results of x-rays. there is no cancer in his breast. “Maybe it has something to do with fat, but we can tell that we have found the world’s biggest breasts man,” said Gaoyong Hong, the director of the hospital.


Guo Feng is the biggest breast man in the world. The doctor said that they did not find the root of the problem of his condition.

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