After 19 Years Husband Discovers His Wife Was A Man

This case happens to a man from Belgium called Jan. He did not think if his wife was a man. Monica is an Indonesian citizen who was born as a man. Jan knew his wife was a man after married for 19 years. He married to Monica in 1993. The process to marry Monica, he had difficulty with immigration because his wife was an Indonesian citizen.

“I bring her to Belgium is not easy,” said Jan, as quoted from the Telegraph, Monday, November 26, 2012. The courts in Belgium previously had doubted the authenticity of birth certificates and other identity certificates. But finally, the court accepted Monica and gave her permission to marry Jan.

According to Jan, Monica had no physical features that a man possessed. Then, how they are having sex as husband and wife? According to Jan, there was nothing strange about Monica when having sex. “I have never seen anything, I and she has decided not to have children because I have two children with my wife before,” Jan said.

Wife Was A Man

Jan Discovers His Wife Was A Man

In fact, during his married life, Monica was really like a woman in general by menstruating and wearing pads. However, apparently, it was a hoax. Monica was hiding the truth. She liked a sister for his two children. His first child who had several occasions to see his stepmother was in a nightclub. She began to dress very prominently in a super mini skirt or a tight top. So, her stomach was visible.

Finally, the rumors about Monica’s authenticity surfaced. Jan found intimate messages from other people on her computer. It leads her to a case of violence and dealings with the police. Jan said, ”A friend told me that he had heard Monica was actually a man who turned into a woman. I could not believe it. Even my first child also heard the same rumor, “he said.

After that, Jan forced Monica to admit that she was born as a man and performed a female genital surgery. Due to she is now a woman, she feels no need to tell me about her past as a man. “My world collapsed that night too. It was a big blow for me and the police came, “Jan said.

Jan was finally undergoing psychiatric treatment after receiving the problem. The legal process to cancel his marriage was already underway. “The man had deliberately deceived Jan for 19 years. He was a con man and also falsified documents to obtain a residence permit. The children who for years lived with Monica also became devastated, ” said Verjauw Liliane, Jan’s lawyer.


Jan did not think if his wife Monica was a man. This is because according to Jan, Monica had no physical features that a man possessed. Moreover, there was nothing strange about Monica when having sex.

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