Jamsu Makeup Technique The Korean Beauty Tips

Korea is known as a country that has a variety of beauty techniques for face including Jamsu makeup technique. This technique becomes Korean beauty trend to make your makeup long-lasting. Actually, there are other Korean beauty trend such as slapping face many times before going to bed.

The aim is to make blood circulation on your face smooth. This method is believed by Korean people because it makes their skin look more tight and young. Now, the latest beauty trend is dipping the face into a cold water basin to make the makeup durable and long-lasting. It is called the Jamsu Makeup Technique.

Jamsu Makeup Technique

Jamsu Makeup Technique

All girls, of course want their makeup durable and does not fade. Well, this one technique is worth your try. Jamsu which means diving is believed to be able to replace the setting spray function to maintain the makeup long lasting in various events.

The setting spray product will be sprayed on the face that has been smeared with makeup. Then, the faded makeup will no longer be a problem. The same thing also applies to Jamsu method. This method does not need much preparation. As long as you have a basin and cold water, you can do Jamsu makeup technique.

Besides the basin and cold water, do not forget your makeup. Baby powder or loose powder is prepared too. The trick is easy. First, you use makeup as usual like using primer, foundation, and powder that you normally use. After that, coat your makeup with baby powder or loose powder. Then, dip your face into a basin of cold water.

Enjoy the sensation for a few seconds and gently wipe water from the face. Get to know the type of your facial skin first because the length of soaking your face into cold water depends on the type of face of each person including the normal, dry, or oily skin.

Jamsu Technique Advantages

For normal and dry facial skin, you only need to dip for 15 seconds. As for the oily face, the time needed is 30 seconds or twice. After that, pat the face with a towel to dry it. Actually, these tips are more effective for oily skin, but for those of you who have normal skin and even dry, you can try it anyway.

If you do not have a basin, you can also put cold water in a spray bottle, then spray your face with water until it is wet enough and pat it gently with a towel. After that, your makeup such as eyeliner and blush will also stick and survive better.

Actually, the 15-30 second cannot be an absolute benchmark. Because, the longer you dip your face, the more matte your face will be. After the face is completely dry, obviously there is still powder left. You can wipe the powder again to make your appearance flawless.

According to those who have tried this technique, the face no longer feels heavy or powdery when wearing makeup. The weakness of this Korean beauty trend is rather complicated of the preparation.


In order to get the more perfect result of this technique, make sure your face is clean first. Do not forget to use a cleanser or toner to clean your skin, and then apply a facial moisturizer. This viral technique is a must to try for those of you who want long-lasting makeup results throughout the day.

The technique of dipping your face into this cold water basin will also keep your skin smooth when used every day. This technique is able to disguise the pores too. To try this latest beauty trend in Korea, you do not need to buy any special products. You only need the basin and clean cold water.


Jamsu Makeup Technique is the latest Korean beauty trend to get long-lasting makeup all the day. The trend is dipping the face with makeup into a cold water basin. To try this latest beauty trend in Korea, you also do not need to buy any special products.

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