10 Interesting Weirdest Jobs In The World

Work does require skill or ability in every field to be done. On the other hand, there are some lists of the weirdest jobs in the world to do a silly, weird, and even crazy thing. Finding work for most people is difficult. This is because the limited field compared with the number of job seekers.

10 Interesting Weirdest Jobs

Here are some weirdest jobs ever in the world.

Odor Testers

The people who work in this field claim that their nose is more sensitive than most other humans. The job of odor testers is to make sure that perfumes and deodorants are effective in eliminating odor before the products are launched on the market.

They determine whether a deodorant and perfume product is worth to market. The toughest challenge for odor testers is to smell the deodorant directly from the underarms of the volunteers. The volunteers become deodorant experiments and other body implant products.

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Whistle Artist

Being a whistle artist is not as easy as you might think. A whistle artist not only has capital lung but also takes a special talent and ability to produce beautiful instrumental music with a simple whistle. Harry Brady (58) has become a successful whistle artist who travels the world and touches the hearts of listeners with his distinctive whistles.

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Furniture Testers

Being a furniture testers sounds easy. This work does not involve any high-level technology to test the durability of furniture. The duties of the furniture testers just sit, lean, and lie on 200 seats and couches every day to test and assess the convenience of furniture products.

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Vomit Cleaner

Cleaning officers are usually tasked to clean up all sorts of dirt everywhere. Meanwhile, vomit cleaner is a cleaning agent who specifically just clean up vomit. The vomit cleaning officer is usually employed in amusement rides that boost adrenaline like a roller coaster. Their tasks are to make sure the floors of the rides are clean from the vomit.

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Animal Food Testers

These animal food testers are not studying whether the animal food already full of the nutrients or not. They just need to know whether the taste of the animal food is in accordance with the standards set by each company. These animal food testers no longer have to worry about their daily dietary needs because it becomes the responsibility of the company.

Golf Ball Diver

One of the strange jobs available on the golf game is the ball diver. Because of the laziness of golf players, at every place of golf game hire people who are specifically assigned as a golf ball diver. Their task is not much. They are only needed when the golf ball goes into the lakes and ponds.

The balls that have been plunged into the lakes and ponds will be resold. The golf ball divers are even equipped with a complete dive tools which seem not so necessary because the pond or lakes in the golf field are just designed for trimmers.

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Sniff Toilet Paper

In Europe and Amerika, toilet paper is a serious thing for them to ensure their cleanliness when out of the shower. If a toilet paper is labeled without smell, so the toilet tissue must be complete without the smell. However, if the toilet paper has little scent intentionally or unintentionally, then the product can be withdrawn from the market.

There is a fine that can be imposed on the company that produced it. Therefore, people are employed to train specifically sniff out the toilet paper products before they are launched on the market.

Death Challenge Tester

Their main task is to ensure the safety of a challenge before the event. The people who work as a death challenge tester are most employed at events like Fear Factor. They must ensure that the challenges provided to the participants are safe and harmless.

Professional Sleepers

Although this job sounds easy, actually being a professional sleeper is not as easy as you might think. These professional sleepers must be ready to sleep whenever they are told to sleep whether they are sleepy or not. They are widely employed in sleep research labs. They are very meritorious for the researchers to find out the various kinds of problems and sleep disorders in humans.

Water Slides Tester

Pool slides testers are not as fascinating as they sound. They are in charge of ensuring the pool slide in the pool is safe for future visitors. They should test whether the height ratio of the slide, the body weight, and water level are safe enough for pool visitors. If the pool slide does not save, then they become the first victim.


Work does require skill or ability in every field to be done. On the other hand, there are some lists of the weirdest jobs in the world to do a silly, weird, and even crazy thing. These weirdest jobs can be done by anyone who are willing to do it.

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