Interesting Trend Transparent Food And Drink

Many kinds of food such as candies, drink, sauce or others usually are colorful like a rainbow. However, there is an interesting new trend of transparent food and drink. Most of the sellers may think the food that they sold should be interesting with various color. But, you should be careful whether the food coloring used is dangerous or not.

Transparent Food And Drink

Transparent Food And Drink

Now, there is even a new food product innovation which is colorless, the transparent food and drink. All this time, we just know that the transparent is just water. In fact of the last few years, there are some strange products like transparent coffee to transparent potato chips. The following are the transparent food and drink that you should know.

Flavored Water

The first transparent product is flavored water. It is added sugar and fruit flavors that are made colorless. The clear white water with various flavors is now popular in countries such as Japan. It is said that in Japan if adults bring sweet drinks or soda in the office or other formal environments would be considered childish.

Hence, the products that disguise sweet drinks become popular. Many people say that flavored water can be deceptive and dangerous because it feels like we are drinking a healthy drink that is colorless or usual water. In fact, the water is full of sugar.

Transparent Food And Drink

Clear Coffee

This drink taste is coffee but its appearance transparent. CLR CFF is a phenomenal coffee product that until now only sold in the UK. Although the manufacturer is not willing to disclose how they make colorless coffee, they assure that this transparent drink is made only with coffee beans and water.

The secret is in the process of brewing. According to them, this coffee is made not only transparent but also not making teeth yellow. However, according to those who have tried, this transparent coffee not really has good taste.

Milk Tea

Once released, the products of a Japanese company, Suntory is immediately booming everywhere. Everyone is curious to try transparent milk tea that looks like regular water. People who have tried it feel surprised because its taste is very similar to the original. The Suntory Company said that this drink is made from quality tea leaves that are brewed indirectly.

Meanwhile, the milk that used is actually composed of fat, protein, lactose, and minerals. Lactose and minerals in milk are actually transparent. So, the company then only uses two transparent elements in milk to give a taste like milk in its products. Not 100% is the same as the original milk, but the taste is very similar to milk tea.


Usually, any kinds of food have a color. However, there is a new trend of transparent food and drink that seems to be the opposite of the usual concerns and use 100% real natural ingredients.

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