Interesting Odd Rental Services Around The World

Weird is a suitable word to describe these odd rental services around the world. Usually, rental services which we know are inanimate objects such as a motorcycle or car. Now, living goods begin to be rented because of the necessity for living.

Interesting Odd Rental Services

The following are lists of the odd rental services in the world.

Wife Rental Services In Thailand

In Thailand, wife rental services have been defined as decent jobs for young girls. It is commonly known as Black Pearls. This job is living with foreign men in Thailand to replace the role of a real wife. The duties include serving and as a tour guide in exchange for money. These girls also cook, clean, and wash clothes like a wife’s job.

Rental periods can vary from one week to months. The girls are given allowance for living expenses. Sometimes, they received a gift of a house or car. Some even have children from tenants. Many of these rented girls come from poor families who have no other choice but to do this work.

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Womb Rental Services in India

Anand City in Gujarat State, India has turned into a baby ranch. Where the women of that region lend their wombs to raise the baby of sperm and eggs from foreign partners. This womb rental is even supported by an official clinic, the Akanksha Clinic. About 700 babies have been born but not their children.

Each woman earns compensation around the US $6,630 every pregnancy. The amount of money is very helpful to the lives of poor villagers. This is because their average income only earns the US $1 a day. The cost of childbirth around US $24,003 has been paid by the biological parents of the baby.

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Rose Sheep Sleeping Friend Rental Services

A service for women to fall asleep while hugging is called Rose Sheep. There is a choice of men between the ages of 20 and 30. They will make women feel safe and reassure especially if the woman is in a state of sadness. This service does not provide other services except only for hugging. These rented men also can accompany you to eat, prepare dinner for you, and a sharing friend to tell every problem in customers’ life.

Rose Sheep has an age limit for the users only for women aged 30 to 40 years old. After you select the man you rent, they automatically will come to your address to accompany you to sleep. Rose Sheep set the price for a short duration of about two hours of sleep at a price of US $ 162. Moreover, there is also a longer hugging package for 16 hours will be charged the price of US $ 800.

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Weird is a suitable word to describe these odd rental services around the world. Not only inanimate things, but living goods also begin to be rented because of the necessity for living.

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