Interesting Immortal Animals You Should Know

In the animal kingdom, there are some immortal animals in the world. The animal kingdom has millions of years of learning to survive and adapt in any kind of condition even in a really extreme condition. In this post, we will talk about animals that are hard to die or even cannot die or immortal.

Interesting Immortal Animals

These animals not only can find in a movie but also in real life. The following are the list of immortal animals you should know.


Tardigrades are also known as a water bear. Tardigrades were first discovered 230 years ago. There are at least 700 different species of water bear that live on land, in fresh water, and in the sea. Tardigrades look like a microscopic fat bear. It’s the largest length is only about 1.5 millimeters. They spend their days eating algae or bacteria.

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They are known for their ability to perform Cryptobiosis. It is an ability becoming dried tardigrade called “Tun”. This animal can survive for years without water even oxygen. It also can spread throughout the world by the wind. Even tardigrades can live for 120 years in dry conditions or Tun. Another unique ability of these dry tardigrades can survive in a vacuous outer space.

Tun is also resistant to extreme pressures, high temperatures, and freezing. After being dampened with water again, the dry tardigrade or Tun will come back to life in only a few minutes. With those capabilities, tardigrades are living things that can survive in a nuclear war or other extreme natural disasters.

Immortal Jellyfish

Scientists found a type of sea jellyfish which can live forever named Turritopsis Nutricula. Turritopsis Nutricula originally comes from a warm Caribbean ocean. Now, this jellyfish has spread throughout the world to America, Italy, and Japan. Finally, the scientists found out that this jellyfish cannot die biologically. This jellyfish after maturity and mating can replay its biological condition and regenerate all its cells become young again.

The process of regenerating cells in science is called transdifferentiation. They can do continuously. Transdifferentiation means a cell that reaches a certain stage can be transformed into another cell which is newer and younger. These jellyfish are able to regenerate all body cells become young again means they will not grow old and will not die biologically.


Lungfish is one of the oldest water species in the world. Unlike the other aquatic species, these lungfish have learned how to survive on earth despite prolonged dry seasons. The way they survive is by planting themselves in the soil and removing kind of mucus. So, it can retain moisture in their body. By lowering the body’s metabolic rate, they do not need nutrients for a long time.

A science laboratory in Africa has experimented with this fish by inserting the lungfish into a metal cylinder. It is airtight and filled with mud then silenced for six months. After six months have passed and the mud and air have run out, the Lungfish is alive again with little water. It is really an immortal animal.

immortal animals


There are some immortal animals or hard to die in the world. The animal has learned to survive and adapt in any kind of condition, even in a really extreme condition.

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