Interesting Fashion Trends 2018 You Must Have

Fashion trends always keep up with the times. The trend of a few years ago can be a trend next year. There are some fashion trends 2018 that you should know. 

Fashion Trends 2018

Before welcoming 2019, the following are 10 fashion trends 2018 that you must have for collection.

Pastel Color

Clothes with pastel colors become popular again in 2018. Pastels can make a personal appearance look sweet and elegant. If you want to try these charming colors, it is better to mix this color with your favorite jeans, bags with matching colors or combine two pastel colors at once.

Fashion Trends 2018

Dark Denim

Denim is one of the fashions that never be consumed by the times. Denim that will be a trend in 2018 is more likely dark denim. To beautify appearance in 2018, complete your jacket, skirt, or pants collection with dark denim color.

Fashion Trends 2018

Trench Coat

Update your style with a trench coat in 2018. Trench coat will make your appearance more fashionable than usual. You can mix trench coat with ripped jeans, scarf heels, or platform shoes.

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt becomes a trend again in 2018. You can use pencil skirts during formal events. To complete the look, wear a pencil skirt with a blazer to make your appearance look more professional. You can choose a neutral colored pencil skirt to make it easier to mix and match.

Fashion Trends 2018


Plaid style can make your appearance more on point in 2018. If you have high confidence, you can try to integrate plaid with plaid in one look. Plaid also can add a classic impression to your appearance.

Fashion Trends 2018

Side Stripe Trouser

After booming in late 2017, these pants still become a trend in 2018. These pants can give an effect of the ladder on foot. You can combine it with a T-shirt, sweater, or denim jacket for the perfect look.

Fashion Trends 2018


If you want to look formal but still fashionable, the pantsuit is the right choice. Pantsuit also can give the impression of elegance on your appearance. If you do not want to look too formal, you can combine it with sneakers, heels, or black shoes.

Bold Stripes

Clothing with a thickly striped motif with intense colors will be the trend next year. Your appearance also looks bolder and chic. No need to hesitate in combining these clothes with some styles.


If you want to create a feminine impression, floral clothes may be the best choice. Starting from skirt, pants, to dress with floral motif can be an option to make your appearance chicer.


The last fashion trends 2018 is layering. Layering is perfect for you who like to be creative with clothes. You can mix together anything in your closet like a skirt, sweater, or jeans. This layering style also makes you look more breezy and charming.


Fashion trends always keep up with the times. Before welcoming 2019, you must have for these fashion trends 2018 for your collection.

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