Unique Rules Only In Japan For Travellers

Japan is a fascinating destination. Before going to this country, there are some important rules only in Japan that you should know. Japan has a very distinctive culture and gorgeous natural landscapes which are so attractive to tourists.

important rules only in Japan

Unique Rules Only In Japan

In Japan, we will find a seamless blend of old traditions and new technology. With a culture and language so distinct, it is tough to list all the things before heading to Japan. The following are important rules only in Japan to maximize the travel experience.

The Train In Japan Feels Quiet and Relaxed

As soon as you enter the train in Japan, you will soon realize how quiet and relaxes the atmosphere on the train even during peak hours. Being calm on the train is a basic courtesy in Japan. It does not mean that you are not allowed to speak but try to keep your voice down.

Train In Japan

Train For Women Only

Many railways in Japan only provide for women in the city for a certain period of time. Most of the time is rush hour in the morning, afternoon, and at night. This train’s purpose is to make people feel comfortable even when the train is very crowded. If a male passenger accidentally enters women’s trains, he will be expelled by female passengers, station staff or train conductors.

Train For Women Only

Priority Chairs

Almost every train has a feature called the priority seat. The priority seat is for pregnant women, passengers with a baby and young children, the disabled, and the elderly people. Typically, these chairs are in front and back of the car. Try not to use your mobile phone while standing in front of or beside the priority seat as well.

rules only in Japan

How To Use Station Ticket

When passing through the entrance or exit gate of the station, enter your train ticket to the automatic ticket gate and then skip to continue. When you enter the station, the ticket will come out on the other side to take it and continue. 

On the other hand, when you exit through the ticket gate, once again enter the ticket and pass directly because your ticket will be saved by the machine. There is an automatic ticket gate only for IC card users (smart cards).

So, if you have regular tickets, find the ticket gate that will receive regular tickets. In addition, it can be quite crowded on the platform not only during peak hours. Passengers must form an orderly path to the train. Damaging the line or sequencing is a taboo act.

rules only in Japan

No Giving Tip

There is no giving tip in Japan. To say thank you for good service or if you just want to be nice, try saying arigato gozaimasu (thanks) even though you are not fluent in Japanese. The people will appreciate the gesture.

No Smoking And Littering On The Street

In Japan, local governments are setting provisions to rule against smoking and littering on the streets, especially, in downtown areas like Tokyo and others. Smoking on the streets is prohibited by local regulations in almost all areas. Moreover, there are many local governments set the prohibition of walking while smoking cigarettes.

No Smoking And Littering

The Restaurant That Separating Smoking Area

There are many restaurants and cafes that apply separation of smoking or non-smoking area. If you want to smoke, asking the waiter first to deliver to the seat in the smoking area.  

mportant rules only in Japan


There are some important rules only in Japan that you should know if you are going to this country. These important rules are to maximize the travel experience.

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