Female Transgenders Become Real Man Again

Human life has its own unique story especially in terms of sexuality. Here, we will inform the female transgenders to become the real men again. They are known as LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender), people who have a sexual orientation disorder. A person becomes a transgendered due to several factors and the most influential is the environment.

Female Transgenders

The following are some female transgenders who become a real man again.

Saifuddin Ilias

Saifuddin had changed his identity to Sofia Putih. He had lived into transgender for 5 years. This transgender from Malaysia is even changing his genitals and plastic surgery on his face to look more like a woman. Saifuddin also did surgical implant installation on his breasts. After many years of being a transgender, he feels regret.

He assumes that it is a dark period of seeking an identity for him and pursuing his worldly life. He indeed has become a successful cosmetics entrepreneur in Malaysia. His anxiety finally answered with all the stability of his heart. Saifuddin did surgery removing the breast implants and returned her genital to a real man again on April 16, 2016.

female transgenders

Matthew Attonley

In 2007, a transgender from the United States named Matthew Attonley intended to change his gender into a woman named Chelsea. Katie Price is a super British model who became his inspiration to real women completely. He was changing gender and installing implants in his breasts. Because the various surgical procedures did not work so well and people still thought of him as a man.

Matthew had sued the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. He felt the hospital where he was operating was a total failure to turn him into a woman. Perhaps, because he was tired for seven years became a transgender. He felt, there was no operation that made him into perfect woman. Chelsea Attonley was sorry and finally decided to start taking testosterone hormone injections as part of his initial steps to return being a man again.

Charles Kane

Charles Kane was a successful businessman. but, he did not feel the happiness because he often felt a failure in love. Charles felt depressed and then thought of changing his gender to a woman. He also changed his identity to Samantha Kane. He lived as a woman for seven years. In 1994, Charles felt more comfortable to be a man than to be a woman.

He then took the decision to turn himself back into a real man again. Charles reconstructed his male genitals using a skin graft from his stomach. After returning to be a man, Charles felt there was a change in him. He was mentally disturbed and kept on questioning everything including the issue of sexuality in his life.

female transgender


That were some female transgenders who become real men again. LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) are people who have a sexual orientation disorder. A person becomes a transgendered due to several factors and the most influential is the environment.

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