Fashion Color Trend 2018 You Need To Have

The most dynamic change in lifestyle that can be felt is fashion. Almost every year fashion trends change Even some last only a matter of months. In this year, the fashion color trend 2018 also far different from the previous year and more colorful and brighter.

Fashion Color Trend 2018

Fashion Color Trend 2018

You can save the dark clothing first because the fashion color 2018 is bright shade like yellow and soft hues like lavender or neutral colors. You also can get a lot of inspiration by observing the street style of the fashionista who start playing with color in their appearance. The following are fashion color trend 2018.


Many people say that yellow color for fashion is more like lemon or mustard. Eliminate that thought because yellow will enliven the fashion color 2018. If you do not want to complain, choose a yellow fashion with floral motifs that are considered the safest.

Some psychologists also say that yellow is very effective at bringing cheerful energy for those who wear it. If you still do no brave enough to wear the bright color, you can mix with yellow accessories such as a watch, bag, shoe, or necklace.


If in 2017 monochrome color becomes a trend. In 2018, neutral colors will replace it. The men and women fashion will be filled with neutral colors like white and beige. So, you do not need to be confused to match some of your outfits because neutral colors match together in all colors.


Pink color that is considered as the girly color, in 2018 the view will be shifted. The reason is not a few men’s fashions will be filled with pink but still impress manly. The designer Tom Ford and Prabal Gurung also display this feminine pink color in their latest collection. For the latest method, men can combine with red or blue color.


Same with yellow, the orange color also has a bright feel that some people are reluctant to use. In 2018, it is time to challenge you using this bright color fashion.

On the runway of the fashion houses of Calvin Klein and Tom Ford until Marc Jacobs for the 2018 spring collection, they put a lot of orange fashion. Just choose fashion with a plain orange color and simple, so as not to look tacky.

Fashion Color Trend 2018


Soft lilac or lavender color will be excellent in 2018. The famous designers such as Tibi and Michael Kors have a fashion collection that refreshes our eye.

Even, the combination of mint and light purple has been popular in the style of street style fashion bloggers. Now it is time for you to start trying out the outfit of the day with this one trend.


In this year, the fashion color trend 2018 is also far different from the previous year. This fashion color 2018 is more colorful and brighter. You can challenge yourself to wear the bright fashion to look fashionable.  

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