Famous People Who Have Funny And Weird Name

We often hear that the term name of someone is a prayer from their parents. Parents give name their children with the hope that the baby can be kind and have a brilliant future according to the name they have. However, there are some famous people who have a funny and weird name. Their weird name even has a strange meaning.

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Famous People With Weird Name

People who have a funny and weird name usually become a laughing target because of the name they have. The name is unusual which makes many people laugh or even insult. Although their names have bad meanings, these people actually show achievement that what they do can benefit others. The following some famous people with a strange name.

Dick Bong

The word “Dick” if interpreted will mean male genitals or penis. Although his name became a laughing target, he was known as a brave person during World War II. Dick Bong is known for his services that can shoot down enemy aircraft. He registered as a member of the military a few months before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

Everyone could lose courage when fighting in the air. Unlike Dick Bong, he remained steadfast and did not care about the attack of the opponent that hit him. Because of his courage, Dick was able to drop the opponent’s plane. He only worked in the military for two years, but in that short time, he was able to drop around 40 enemies.

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Bushrod Johnson

If you are looking for the meaning of the word Bushrod in the dictionary, then there will be no meaning at all. Apparently, Bushrod is a slang language for genital hair. Bushrod means a man who has genital hair that grows from the base of the genitals to the tip. So, everything is covered with fur.

There was a man named Bushrod Jhonson who had been involved in a civil war in the United States. At that time, Bushrod managed to free a number of slaves who were held hostage in the Underground Railroad. He was born and grew up in Ohio. He was born of an abolitionist family or a persistent slave liberator.

When a civil war broke out, Johnson lived in Tennessee and worked as a professor. Even though he joined the Confederate Army, he was very concerned with the rights of a number of people who were made slaves. He then rose to the rank of general in the Confederate Army and brought them to biggest victories in the battle of Chickamauga.

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Misty Hyman

Word “Hyman” can be interpreted as a hymen for women. However, if for men, this word means the anal canal. Although her full name is Misty Hyman, this woman proved that she was not an ordinary person. At the 2000 Summer Olympics, Hyman broke the world record.  She also defeated Susie O’Neill, a woman who had previously broken the world record in a butterfly style swimming 200 meters away.

In fact, she was competing under the flag of the United States and had a history of asthma. At that time, Hyman used something that had never been used by previous swimmers. She used the technique of ‘underwater dolphins’. This was a maneuver that she used so that she could win and set a world record.

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Tokyo Sexwale

Tokyo Sexwale is a South African businessman. He is also a politician, anti-apartheid activist, and former political prisoner. His name is unusual and there is the word ‘sex’ which means sexual activity. Sexwale was once imprisoned on Robben Island for his anti-apartheid activities.

At that time, he was detained along with other figures such as Nelson Mandela. After the 1994 general election, South Africa was safe. Sexwale was also appointed Prime Minister and held a number of positions in the government.

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Name of someone is usually a prayer from their parents. Parents’ hope that their children can be kind and have a brilliant future according to the name they have. However, there are some famous people with a weird name such as Tokyo Sexwale, Misty Hyman, Bushrod Johnson, and Dick Bong.

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