7 Famous Haunted and Creepy Places In The World

Some people believe that we do not live alone in this world. Many of them even are sensitive and can feel a mystical aura in several locations in the world. Actually, there are some famous haunted and creepy places in the world that you should know. These creepy places are guaranteed to make you goosebumps.

Famous Haunted and Creepy Places

The famous creepy places are also categorized into the Miracle of the Other World that scary because these places are not for those who live. The various ideas and reasons initiate the construction of these scary places. The following are some haunted and creepy places in the world.

Sedlec Cemetery in the Czech Republic

One place to see the largest collection of human bones in the world is the Sedlec Cemetery in the Czech Republic. A small church building on the outskirts of Kutna Hora has been filled with more than 40,000 human skeletons. As a result, this church is well known as the Bone Church.

The bones were arranged into a number of art objects, room ornaments, and even worship facilities such as altars, candle holders, and so on. Although it is scary like o a devil chapel, Sedlec is a building of a Christian holy church which is also a funeral. Sedlec is a marvelous building and wonder of another world.

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Santa Maria Della Concezione in Rome

In Santa Maria Della Concezione, there are more than 4,000 bones of the Capuchin monks. The bones were arranged so artistically. So, it looks beautiful. Some bones are still equipped with Capuchin monk robes. However, some are rearranged into several works of art whether as symbols and room ornament.

There is a sign of the plaque in the room and said, “What you are experiencing right now is what we have experienced. What we experience now is what you will experience.” This is a warning about the coming of death in the course of human life.

Creepy Places

Brno Cemetery in the Czech Republic

Brno Cemetery is a cemetery located under St. Jacobs Square. It has existed for hundreds of years. When a new building construction project determined and will be implemented in 2001, the archaeologists found 50,000 more human skeletons filling the underground of tunnel room.

Some skeletons were dug up to get space for a new body. It has done so that a lot of skeletons are seen inside the tunnel space. This cemetery is not really scary place because it is a place to establish a relationship between life and death, a place to meditate.

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Capela dos Ossos in Portugal

Capela dos Ossos or better known as the Bone Chapel is located next to the Church of St. Francis. It is one of the attractions in the city of Evora, Portugal. This building was built in the 16th century with the aim of controlling the need for burial grounds for local communities.

One of the interesting rooms is the room with two dried bodies, a boy and a little boy. They hang with a chain on the wall of the room. Their identity is unknown but based on the narrative of the local community, their relationship is father and child who behave badly towards the mother.

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Chapel of Skulls in Poland

The story of the existence of the Skull Chapel is an interesting one among other churches in Poland. This chapel was built between 1776 and 1804 when a Czech priest and a few local gravediggers spent hours digging and lifting bodies because it was a mass burial. They found a number of skulls with interesting conditions.

Overall, the pastor found 24,000 skulls in his excavation. Some of them are 16 feet deep in the ground. However, only about 3,000 bones adorned and filled the chapel room. Then, Czech priests named this room are a sanctuary of silence.

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The Skull Tower Niš in Serbia

The Skull Tower in Serbia is one of the buildings that have a collection of bones. It is to frighten those who see it. This method was used in 1809 when the Serb rebel fighters experienced a significant shock due to confronting the Ottoman Empire forces.

To quell the Serb warrior rebellion, a Turkish commander ordered his troops to cut off the heads of deceased corpses, collect, and arrange them to become a fortress. This used as a warning to those who tried to fight the empire. There were 952 skulls in that building. Until now, there are only 58 skulls left in the Niš tower.

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Paris Catacombs

The number of bodies stored in The Catacombs is almost three times that of the population living on the labyrinth, Paris. Based on its historical facts, the tradition of burial bodies that had to be close to the Church’s environment caused the century burial areas in the center of Paris to become too full and difficult to develop.

It caused only the rich who could carry out burial rituals near the church environment. Whereas for people who do not have much money, they were provided a burial place that was more like a mass burial place. At that time, the grave that had been filled by the human body could be dismantled and entered by another body.

Currently, the Catacombs is used as an underground museum for travelers that presenting a neatly arranged gallery of human bones. The museum is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm and is limited to only 200 visitors per Tour.

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There are some famous haunted and creepy places in the world that you should know. These places will make you goosebumps when you are visiting. These famous places are also categorized into the Miracle of the Other World that scary because these places are not for those who live.

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