Extreme Drug Smuggling Methods In The World

Although the risk of the death penalty is in sight, in fact, there are still many smugglers and drug dealers who are not deterred. Various extreme drug smuggling methods are used to be able to enter the drugs into other countries illegally. The extreme drug smuggling methods are such as the drug in the vagina, breast implants, and other.

Extreme Drug Smuggling Methods

They will do creative and crazy ways to circulate drug for the sake of reaping the success of smuggling drugs. Not infrequently, the perpetrators smuggle these drug into an unexpected place. The following are some extreme drug smuggling methods in the world.

A Woman Hide the Drug in Her Vagina

This case occurred in Indonesia. The culprit is a 27-year-old Thai woman. At a glance, there was nothing strange in this woman when arriving in airport Indonesia. However, the strange sign that she did was also known by airport officials. She was then taken to be examined by officers.

As the result, they found more than 100 grams of methamphetamine hid in her vagina. The genitals seem to be a favorite disguise because they are thought that vital parts will not be examined. However, with technological sophistication today such as x-rays, it is quite easy to check whether there are suspicious objects in a person’s genitals.

Venezuelan Woman Hide 1.2kg of Cocaine in Her Breast Implants

This time, a Venezuelan woman hid 1.2kg of cocaine in her breast implants. Maybe, she thought that the shape of a prominent body would not be suspected by people. In fact, precisely, the shape of her breasts made the police suspicious. Due to something strange, the police then check the woman and take her to the hospital. As a result, her breast implant was filled with 1.2kg of cocaine.

Swallowing and Sewing Drugs Into the Body

The drug smuggling methods always adapt time to times. When the police had memorized the place where the drug dealers usually hid the drugs, they switched to hiding the drug in the body of the messenger. This case t was handled by the Glasgow, Scotland police.

According to them, there are two ways that commonly used. First, by swallowing the drug and the second, by tearing the body part, inserting the wrapped drugs first and then sewing the body part. A crazy way is often done by those who are blind because of the lure of money.

Chinese Man Smuggled Heroin in the Foreskin of His Penis

This Chinese man desperately put 10 grams of heroin into the foreskin of his penis. This case was revealed when he traveled from Beijing to Tibet. The Railroad officers were suspicious of his act. After examination, it was found a package of heroin with a total weight of 10 grams which he hid in his foreskin.

Use Innocent Pet Body to Smuggle drugs

Besides hiding drug in the messenger body, there are people who can smuggle drugs using their pet’s body. Usually, they use dog body. The dog is sedated. After that, the body is dissected and the drug is inserted into the pet’s body.

This case happened in England. A Colombian international drug dealer was using pets as a media for smuggling, in order to not suspect when he wanted to enter England. Fortunately, the officer found something odd and finally, found the drugs.


There are many drug dealers who are using various extreme drug smuggling methods into other countries illegally. They will do creative and crazy ways to circulate drugs such as hide it in the genitals, in the body, breast implant, and other crazy places.

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