Diwali Festival In India You Should Know

Deepavali or Diwali festival is one of the important festivals for Hindus of lights. In Sanskrit, Deepavali means a line of light that signifies the triumph of light over darkness. The date of the Diwali celebration is set based on the Hindu calendar which belongs to the lunisolar calendar. In the common calendar, usually, this celebration falls in October or November.

Diwali Festival

Diwali Festival is a celebration of light which is marked by four days of celebration. It is intended to light up the soul with brilliance and joy. Each of the four days of the Diwali is separated by different traditions but still at the same goal, the celebration of life, grace, and goodness. The first day of the festival is Naraka Chaturdasi. 

Diwali festivalSome believe the first day of the celebration is intended to celebrate the victory of Lord Krishna and his wife, Satyabhama who succeeded in conquering the Devil of Hell. Amavasya, the second day of Deepavali is the day of worship of Lakshmi, a goddess who full of kindness because always fulfills the wishes of the people.

Amavasya also tells the story of Lord Vishnu who is in his incarnation becomes Bali Pratipada and exiles him to hell. Bali Pratipada is allowed to return to Earth once a year to light millions of lights to dispel the darkness and ignorance, spreading the radiance of love and wisdom.

The return of Bali Pratipada to the earth is celebrated on the third day of Deepawali, Kartika Shudda Padyami according to the grace given by Lord Vishnu. The fourth day is called Yama Dvitiya, a time to commemorate the visit of Yama (god of death) to his sister Yami. On that day, every Hindu people usually visit their relative homes.

Meaning of Diwali Festival

All Diwali rituals have their own meaning and story. Lighting the house with lights and the sky with fireworks is an expression of respect to the heavens for the attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace, and prosperity. The sound of fireworks is believed to be a symbol of the joy of the people living on earth and makes the gods aware of their abundance. Therefore in Deepavali celebration, it is celebrated by lighting up a light source which means for the truth and hope to illuminate the home and heart.

Diwali festivalIn India, on the day of Deepavali, people who celebrate will rejoice by wearing new clothes, sharing food, and turning on lights and other light sources. During Diwali, the lights will illuminate every corner of the City. The air will be filled with the aroma of incense. The sky is colored by fireworks, praying, raising hope. Diwali describes the joy, togetherness, and hope.


Diwali festival is one of the important festivals for Hindus of lights. This festival is celebrated by lighting up a light source that describes the joy, togetherness, and hope.

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