Delicious And Famous French Food You Should Try

When you first come to France, do not forget to taste their famous French food. The food from France is not only fancy but also has a typical taste. Famous French food is not all about haute cuisine and fine dining. Moreover, the best French food that we can enjoy is quite cheap just a few euros.

Famous French Food

Famous French Foods

France indeed is one of the world destinations for traveling because have romantic places and famous for its cuisine. Interestingly, the sellers are also humble. The hawker stalls in the corners of tourist attractions are also cheap. The following are some famous French Foods that you should try.

Duck Confit

The first famous dish is Duck Confit. This dish has been sold a lot and outside its home country, this dish is truly French. This food is duck meat that added boiled potatoes, a few pieces of carrots, asparagus, and sometimes apples. Duck Confit was originally a preservation tradition of eating in northern French people.

Famous French Food

Jambon Beurreu

Jambon Beurreu is actually Paris sandwich that worth to try. You will find lots of sandwiches on the list of typical French cuisine. The characteristic of this food is in the inside of the bread that is smeared with cold butter and filled “Jambon de Paris” (pink ham). You also can add pickles if you like. You can buy it in a boulangerie or in a bistro.

Famous French Food


The croissant is the famous food and typical food from France. In the morning, this bread is a must with warm butter and hot coffee or tea. It is important to look for croissants in the morning because this bread is still truly extraordinary. The later afternoon or evening, it usually feels less attractive.

Famous French Food


The baguette is a long, thin loaf of French bread. It is commonly made from basic lean dough. In the morning when you are at the bakery, do not forget to buy Baguette. So, you can make Jambon Beurre later when you get home.

Famous French Food

Croque Monsieur

The next typical French food is Croque Monsieur. Most brasseries or bistros in Paris that offer 24-hour service, the main menu that they serve is croque-monsieur. It is a ham sandwich with baked cheese. This sandwich is cozy and crunchy. Moreover, it is added the Béchamel sauce. If you are extra hungry, order Croque Madame, then they will add fried eggs to your sandwich.

Famous French Food

Steak Frites

Steak Frites is the symbol and characteristic of brasseries and bistros in all of Europe actually. This famous food is a grilled steak with a variety of sauce and the French fries options can be a suitable partner as a chat.

Famous French Food


The last famous French foods are crepes. If you walk around the center of Paris, you will see several crêpes seller stalls everywhere. This crepe is indeed suitable to be enjoyed during the afternoon.

Make sure, you see how your Crêpes order is made, not the one that is ready and only heated. Even though you are tempted to try all kinds of stuffing, do not forget to try beurre (butter and sugar) to get the sensation of traditional French crêpes.


The famous French food is not only fancy but also has a typical delicious taste. You can buy all the dishes above easily in the restaurant or street vendor at a cheap price.

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