British PUB The Public Houses of Society

The British Pub or the Public Houses of society are regarded as great British institutions. The term Pub is actually a shortened form of “Public Houses” which are used for social interaction in communities.

British Pubs have been for social interaction in communities for a long time ago and have helped to define local identities and culture. For British people, pubs are important as the local supermarket or other places in serving their needs.

British PUB

British PUB

There are over 60,000 pubs in the UK (53,000 in England and Wales, 5,200 in Scotland and 1,600 in Northern Ireland). One of the oldest pubs is Fighting Cocks which is located in St. Albans, in a building that dates back to the eleventh century.

As we know, Pubs are important to them for meeting point with their friends and relaxing there. They also play a vital social role in localities, especially in rural areas that can reduce the sense of isolation people might feel.

Pubs in the UK usually have two bars, one quieter than other or even many of pubs have a garden where people can sit outside in the summer. For children, they can go to pub gardens with their parents.

Menu and Rules In PUB

British pubs are required to have a license and allow operating for 24 hours. They usually open from 11 to 11. Most pubs belong to a brewery (a company which makes beer) that sells many kinds of beer.

The most popular British beer is bitter which is dark and served at room temperature. Although most people think pubs are places where people drink alcohol or liquor, pubs also sell soft drink too.

Pubs not only sell the beverages but also sell food. All pubs sell pub lunches such scampi, chips, pie, and chicken. Various games especially dart and traditional games “Bat and Trap” are common features in pubs.

It is illegal to sell alcohol to someone who already appears drunk. The legal age to purchase alcohol is 18. However, British people with age 16 and 17 with the licensee’s permission may consume only 1 glass of wine.

For children, they may enter a pub with their parents until 9 p.m. In addition, children under 5 must not be given alcohol unless under medical supervision in an emergency.


The British pub is more than just a good place of entertainment. A pub is also a place which rich in the history and social community.

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