British Pub Etiquette and Rules For Tourists

If you are visiting a pub in the UK, at least, you should know the British pub etiquette and rules that they are usually used there. This is important because the pub is a part of life and culture in the United Kingdom.

British Pub Etiquette

In older times, the term Pub signified someone’s house that had been opened to the public. Their welcome is a bit warmer than another pub in the world. The following are the British pub etiquette and rules you should know.

 British pub etiquette and rules

Ordering and Getting Around in Pub

There is no table service in British pubs. Get your table, find out what you want and then head to the bar to place your order. The barman or barmaid is very aware whose turn is next. So, just wait for your turn to be served.

Please noted that never wave money around or yell for attention because that is just plain rude. Signal your readiness to make a purchase by holding money in your hand. All purchases are in cash because not many pubs take credit cards.

Just leave your glasses or plates on the table when you are ready to leave. If you are drinking with British people, buying drink for everyone is an unspoken social contract.

Tipping in British Pub

There is no tipping in the British pub. Offering a tip is to display your unfamiliarity with British pub etiquette. It is better to offer a drink to barman or barmaid who is very helpful. He or she will drink the beverage but wait until near closing time.

Conversation in Pub

You may have freely in conversation with strangers seated or standing at the bar, but never with the outstretched hand. England is a free country and freedom of speech definitely prevails in the pub about anything.\

Closing Time in British Pub

The pub closing time is signed when the barman or barmaid rings the big bell or flashing lights, usually at 11 pm and 10:30 on Sundays. They ring the bell twice.

The first ring means last call or last orders, while the second ring means the bar is closed. In the last order, they will give you twenty minutes to finish the drink or food.


If you are visiting a pub in the UK, you should know the British pub etiquette and rules that used there because the pub is an important part of life and culture in the UK.

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